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Legal Aspirations adopted backups to ensure cyber resilience

Legal Aspirations

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Legal services are in the Top 10 of the most targeted areas by cybercriminals. All of that is due to the sensitive and confidential nature of the information that legal companies deal with. Client information, case files, and personal documents have critical importance for legal firms’ customers.

In today’s case study, we will take a look at Legal Aspirations, an Australian e-commerce law-based business whose mission is to reduce the cost of divorce and separation in the country, and its way of implementing to ensure the security of its GitHub critical data and eliminating any event of data loss.

What does Legal Aspirations do?

Legal Aspirations is a business that is aimed at helping people prepare their own Family Court property settlement documents and effectively and fairly decide the financial disputes between couples that stepped into the divorce process. The company assists its customers in preparing the Application for Consent Orders. This form is aimed at defining both parties’ respective financial positions and provides a summary of the financial agreement reached about the property settlement entitlements. Moreover, the form that Legal Aspirations helps to prepare can be used to obtain consent orders for parenting matters, to help relieve one of the most stressful and difficult periods separated or divorcing couples can face.

Australia is a federation of states, and each has its own constitution, government, and laws. That’s why, to suit every Australian and meet every specific requirement, Legal Aspirations has prepared templates that can be used in any State of the country.

The journey to

Operating in legal services requires a lot of attentiveness and responsibility as the legal sector is subject to stringent compliance and regulatory standards, including data protection laws, compliance, and client confidentiality regulations. With that in mind, the company that invested significant funds into its operations at the start took security seriously from the early beginning. By evaluating the risks of data loss and ensuring its own and the customers’ data protection, the company wanted to make sure that the work put into it was protected across several fronts.

Before adopting, the company's IT department was managing the backup itself. However, to become less reliant on the human factor and to ensure that any data loss can be prevented with ease, Legal Aspirations started searching for a backup and recovery solution that would back up the entire GitHub infrastructure.

After analyzing the competition in the market, the company chose as the most comprehensive backup provider that can meet all the company’s requirements and guarantees data protection and peace of mind. “GitProtect gives me extra autonomy - admits Li-Yen Poon, the Founder of Legal Aspirations, - and helps me to be less reliant on third parties to assist with recovery if there is any data loss.

What’s on the scales: the most critical backup features

Data backup serves as an essential element of risk management for legal businesses. Moreover, by anticipating and mitigating potential risks associated with data loss and other events of failure, companies can maintain operational continuity.

Being committed to protecting clients’ confidentiality and maintaining the security of sensitive information, Legal Aspirations integrated professional backup into its daily operations.

Automated backups as the key to peace of mind

By adopting, a maintenance-free turnkey backup and Disaster Recovery solution, into its daily workflow, Legal Aspirations managed to reduce its IT team’s responsibilities. Now its DevOps team can simply set the company’s policy-based automatic backup and define the schedule of backup performance

GitProtect gave me peace of mind in knowing that the data that I have invested so heavily in is automatically backed up each day.
Li-Yen Poon,Founder of Legal Aspirations

Moreover, if there is a need a company can easily perform on-demand backup to stay sure that all its vital data is backed up.

Comprehensive reports and analytics

With’s advanced daily reports and analytics, the Legal Aspirations team has all the information regarding its state of backup performance. Daily plan reports, email and Slack notifications, plan summaries, SLA auditing, and monthly SLA reports are aimed at helping IT teams have a full picture of the data security posture of the company.

Moreover,’s main dashboard provides Legal Aspirations with the out-and-out overview, including the most critical statistics on the status of the company’s GitHub ecosystem protection, the latest backup and restore operations, existing SLA, and a short summary of the company’s compliance strength. Thus, having all the information at hand, the Legal Aspirations IT team now can spend much less time analyzing the effectiveness of its data security.

Data loss prevention: Disaster Recovery and data restore options

Any backup solution is targeted at guaranteeing business continuity in the face of unexpected events. Recall that Legal Aspirations deals with confidential customer information. That’s why, the possibility of recovering its critical data is one of the most important requirements that the organization had set as a goal.

By implementing backups into its workflow, Legal Aspirations got the backup vendor’s comprehensive Disaster Recovery Technology and a bundle of restore features ready to be used should an emergency arise. By accessing multiple data restore features - point-in-time, cross-over, and granular recovery, the company got the guarantee that all its critical data is recoverable at and from any point in time ensuring its business continuity.

As the Founder of Legal Aspirations which is an e-commerce business, it was important for me to ensure that my data is secure and recoverable in the event of any data loss.
Li-Yen Poon,Founder of Legal Aspirations


As a result of adopting the backup and recovery tool, Legal Aspirations managed to meet all its expectations in terms of an additional layer of security, automating data protection, and instant data recovery. helped Legal Aspirations have peace of mind that the company’s data is accessible and recoverable in any event of failure, guaranteeing operational continuity and cyber resilience.

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