Professional Bitbucket & GitHub backup

Provide a real-time code security. Automate your repositories and metadata backup

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Protect your repos and metadata

GitHub backup

GitHub backup

Backup GitHub projects, repositories, and metadata (local and cloud) with SaaS or on-premise solution.

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Bitbucket backup

Bitbucket backup

Set automatic and recurring backups of your public and private Bitbucket repositories and metadata.

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GitLab backup

GitLab backup

Reliable backup software for all your GitLab repositories and metadata. Automatic, recurring, set in minutes

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Automate backups, set and forget

Choose a predefined plan or custom your own to backup GitHub, Bitbucket data on any storage, according to schedule. New repo? It will be automatically added to plan.

Automate backups
Easy monitoring

Stay up to date with easy monitoring

Have peace of mind - we keep you notified. If you need to check it yourself - use a super-friendly web dashboard to see audit logs and stats.

The most professional Bitbucket, GitHub backup

Behind GitProtect stands a decade of Xopero Software’s backup experience. Get access to advanced compression, retention, encryption, and more enterprise-class features for free.

Professional backup
Stress-free recovery

GitHub down? Stress-free recovery

Don’t rely on DIY scripts when it comes to git restore. Restore GitHub and Bitbucket data immediately - to the new repository, crossover or your local device.

Key features


Automatic, recurring repository backup


Metadata and repository backup (local and cloud)

service type

On-premise or SaaS - backup as you wish


Git restore to a new repository or a local device


GFS - efficient, long-term retention and git archive

password manager

Security - audit logs, backup verification, Secure Password Manager

Don’t compromise, choose your ecosystem

Alibaba Cloud
Google Cloud Storage
Western Digital
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Protect your source code,

Intellectual Property and hours of work. Set in minutes, automate, save time and reduce administrative overhead.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need git backup plan and schedule? How to set it up?

All backups performed with are based on backup plans. You can choose a predefined backup plan (i.e. backup of all repositories) or customize your own. A git backup plan lets you manage your data protection quickly, easily, and effortlessly. Setting up a backup plan and schedule lasts up to 5 minutes and then you can sit and see the magic happens.

In such a backup plan you indicate:

  • data to be backed up (i.e. all data, only chosen repositories, and metadata),
  • storage - whether you use on-premise or SaaS you can store your copies locally (SMB network shares, local disk resources - NAS, SAN) or in the cloud (Xopero Cloud, AWS, and all S3 compatible clouds, including Azure, Wasabi, Alibaba Cloud or Google Cloud Storage)
  • git backup schedule - it defines the frequency of backup performance in monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly manners so you can indicate what days and time range your git backup plan should be executed. You can limit backup performance time to non-working hours so it does not impact your work and network bandwidth.
  • advanced features - retention, versioning, and rotation schemes (GFS or FIFO), encryption level, compression level, and much more…

Git backup or git clone? What’s the difference?

Git clone makes a complete 1:1 local copy of the repository with every version of every file from the beginning of the project. And it is fine for daily work and a small number of repositories, but it’s not enough for the real protection of your data. You need to do it manually every time or write a script that executes the right commands at the right time. However, it takes time and requires administrative efforts and skills. And together with the scale of your business grows time and money needed to maintain and manage it. It needs to be checked, verified, and tested. And if any event of failure occurs, you need to write another script that will restore your copies.

To protect your git data, you need proper, automated, and manageable git backup software with versioning possibilities, full control over retention, encryption, plan and schedule settings, and more. It should automatically check the correctness of backup execution and keep you informed (emails, audit logs, stats). Easy UI reduces administrative time, resources, and costs. And finally, in the event of failure, you can quickly restore all data and get back to coding immediately.


What are git restore possibilities?

With, unlike other vendors, you don’t have to install any additional restore app - data restore is available directly in your management panel. Simply choose data you want to restore and decide whether it should be restored to:

  • a new repository,
  • crossover - to another hosting platform. It enables fast and easy migration - you can restore your Bitbucket repository to GitHub or GitLab repo and conversely,
  • or your local device.

And with the Granular Recovery feature, you gain fast, and point-in-time recovery of all repositories or repositories and only selected types of metadata.


Bitbucket or GitHub down? How to prevent data loss?

Even if you think it’s impossible, GitHub and Atlassian constantly struggle with events of failures that can impact your source code availability and accessibility. Those companies even recommend backing up your repositories and metadata.

Here are few situations that can happen to your Bitbucket and GitHub projects:

  • GitHub down, Bitbucket down… - system outages and downtime,
  • Intentional (or not) human errors,
  • HEAD overwrite,
  • Branch deletion,
  • Data sync issues,
  • Malware and ransomware attacks,
  • Hardware errors and losing copy from the local server,

Having GitProtect in place will let you eliminate the negative impact of all those scenarios, restore your data immediately.


What are enterprise-class features for git backup and git restore? belongs to the Xopero Software family. Xopero is a leading backup and recovery software vendor, with over a decade of experience. GitProtect takes advantage of all enterprise-class features of a flagship Xopero ONE Backup & Recovery solution what makes it the most secure and professional git backup and git restore software on the market.

Among those features are:

  • Advanced backup plan and schedule settings,
  • Full control over retention and versioning,
  • Full backup, incremental backup, differential backup,
  • AES encryption,
  • Advanced compression,
  • GFS (Grandfather-Father-Son) and FIFO (First-in-First-out) rotation schemes,
  • Intuitive, data-driven management dashboard,
  • Multi-level management (many organizations, many admins…),
  • Backup verification,
  • Instant, granular, point-in-time git restore options,
  • Secure Password Manager, zero-knowledge encryption, and more security features,
  • Audit logs, stats, email notifications,
  • and much more...