ISO 27k & SOC 2 Type II certified

World’s Most Trusted DevOps Backup & Disaster Recovery

We bring you an all-in-one, automated DevOps backup, security compliance, and every-scenario-ready Disaster Recovery for 360 cyber resilience.

World’s only DevOps Backup & Disaster Recovery
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Choose platforms to protect

Backup and restore all or chosen data: repositories and metadata (projects, issues, labels, pull requests, pipelines) in an all-in-one solution and one central management console.

All-in-One DevOps Backup Platform

All-in-One DevOps Backup Platform

  • gear

    Automate All DevOps Stack Backup

    Full freedom to set backup strategy, schedule (even every 10 mins), encryption, and retention - all in one platform for unlimited stack (including metadata).

  • servers

    Connect any storage

    Use the already-included & unlimited cloud storage, your own cloud/on-prem storage (i.e. AWS S3, Azure & more), or many, for replication.

  • shield

    Instant Remediation Center

    Backup assurance with notifications, audit-ready SLA reporting & visual stats for immediate remediation and data availability.

World’s only Disaster Recovery for DevOps stack

World’s only Disaster Recovery for DevOps stack

  • earth shield

    The First True DevOps Disaster Recovery

    Eliminate data loss and business disruption with every-scenario-ready Disaster Recovery for DevOps.

  • rollback

    Accidental deletion instant rollback

    Accidental issue or commit deletion? Granularly restore chosen data from any point in time to avoid productivity loss.

  • servers-migration

    Cross-restore and data migration

    Easily migrate data between vendors (GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket), accounts, or deployments (C2C, P2C, etc).

Security both CTO & CISO can trust

Security both CTO & CISO can trust

  • authorization

    Unbreakable encryption and security

    Data residency of choice (US/UK/AU/Custom), SSO, IdPs, role-based access, AES data encryption with your key & more.

  • lock-exchange

    SOC 2 Type II & ISO 27001 and more

    Security standards require a backup - it’s something we understand well, being SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001 compliant ourselves!

  • remediation

    Unlimited retention for compliance

    Forget 365-day retention, set unlimited one to go beyond Shared Responsibility, legal, and compliance requirements.

Still think your data is already backed-up?

SaaS providers operate in the Shared Responsibility Model. As such, they are responsible for the entire cloud infrastructure, but limit the responsibility for data protection at the account level.

GitHub GitHub Terms of Service

You understand that use of the cloud products necessarily involves transmission of your data over networks that we do not own, operate or control, and we are not responsible for any of your data lost, altered, intercepted or stored across such networks. We cannot guarantee that our security procedures will be error-free, that transmissions of your data will always be secure or that unauthorized third parties will never be able to defeat our security measures or those of our third party service providers.

Make sure yourself
Bitbucket Atlassian Security Practices

We do not use these backups to revert customer-initiated destructive changes, such as fields overwritten using scripts, or deleted issues, projects, or sites. To avoid data loss, we recommend making regular backups.

Make sure yourself
GitLab GitLab Subscription Agreement

Customer is responsible for implementing and maintaining privacy protections and security measures for components that Customer provides and controls.

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Jira Atlassian Customer Agreement

(...) neither party will have any liability arising out of or related to this Agreement for any loss of use, lost data, lost profits, interruption of business or any indirect, special, incidental, reliance or consequential damages of any kind, even if informed of their possibility in advance.

Make sure yourself

All-around DevOps Cyber Resilience

We go beyond DevOps backup - check all use cases

5-stars rated support

I can set up a backup plan and have a high level of confidence that it is going to work. I worked with other backup products for different IT services and never felt [until now] comfortable that the backup plan was going to work as expected.

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When we need to restore a repository, GitProtect brings speed, convenience and security to this process.

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The fact that the platform supports Jira, Confluence, and GitLab means that we have one single platform for our most mission-critical assets.

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With we were able to bring all our Git repositories into backup compliance with the use of a single tool. Bonus points for Jira, we were only looking to backup Git, but we got Jira along with it!

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I like very much the possibility to back up from one environment [Bitbucket] and restore the repo to another environment [Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab].

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G2 High Performer


With GitProtect, I now have the peace of mind knowing that my repositories are safe and secure, allowing me to focus on what matters most - building great software.


The fact that it automatically takes backup of crucial data is amazing. It is also compliant with SOC2 and ISO27K, making it easier for us to comply with local laws. And the fact that I can have a customized backup window is great.


The thing I liked most about GitProtect is its seamless and automated backup solutions, providing comprehensive data protection for various DevOps tools with unlimited storage capacity.


With GitProtect, setting up automated backups is a breeze no more sweating over manual processes. Plus, it's got your back when it comes to compliance, meeting standards for backups.


The backup feature is amazing I never have to worry about when it's going to back up because of the scheduling feature. The encryption feature is also exactly what my company needed.


GitProtect provides seamless integration with other version control systems like gitlab, github by simplifying the process of securing code repositories. Its alert system provides proactive protection against security threats.

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So we use it on day to day basis to take backups of our GitHub and GitLab. Their team is very professional. We actually had person who setup an online meeting with us and helped us setup everything.


GitProtect makes super easy to backup our GitLab repositories, meeting all the compliance requirements that you can imagine. It ensures that the data is encrypted in transit and at rest, so all the source code is secure.


Backup solution that is most helpful for DevOps engineers and App developers where they are able to backup their Project files from multiple platforms such as GitHub, Bitbucket etc.


I am overwhelmed by the number of features available using GitProtect.

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Trusted by the world's best companies

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Your Cybersecurity = Our Approach

We’ve got your DevOps back(up) and more - ensuring cyber resilience and security compliance

earth shield

We protect all data that matters

Born in the cloud, matured in DevOps to protect all data that matters - that's our mission. We bring years of experience in enterprise backup and business continuity market to git repositories and DevOps data. All to ensure enterprises, like yours, with Intellectual Property, and important data availability, and recoverability.

earth shield

Security is our Priority

SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27K, GDPR compliance… but above all DNA - that's what security means to us. So we go beyond DevOps backup solution, bringing security practices and features that will facilitate your compliance with the world's most demanding security standards and audits.

star support

Security comes with flexibility

Whatever your DevOps stack is, wherever your data sits (hybrid, multi-cloud, on-prem, SaaS), and whichever data residency you chose (US/UE/AU/Custom) - we've got your back(up). Because in the realm of DevOps data protection, the best security comes with flexibility.


We ensure Cyber Resilience 360 for DevOps

Ransomware attacks, DevOps engineer mistakes, hardware failure, natural disasters, or Atlassian/GitHub/GitLab service disruption... With no risk tolerance and every-scenario-ready Disaster Recovery, flexible restore to many destinations, data migration, and ransomware protection, you can expect unexpected events with peace of mind.


All-in-One Platform, managed centrally

Forget git backup scripts and transform the way you protect data - all in one central management console. Access control, SAML & IdP integration, role-based management, AES encryption with user's key, unlimited data retention, and more. Whether you backup a single project, repository, or many organizations - it's automated to set and forget.


We build alliances between DevOps and Security Teams

Data protection and cyber resilience of the source code, development process, and production environment should be a goal for the entire organization. We bring DevOps maintenance-free, seamless backups and recovery and provide Security Teams with the best governance and compliance.

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