Jira data migration and management

Seamlessly migrate data between projects and different Jira accounts with no worry about data loss or disruption.

Jira data migration

What to look for:


Enterprise-class granular restore & Disaster Recovery


Cloud to Cloud Jira data mobility and migration


Ultimate Jira data management and protection

Jira data mobility

Jira data mobility

Migrate Jira data and the entire configuration from one project to another, or move between various Jira accounts - even to the free one with a no-user recovery option. Easily copy project configurations from Sandbox to Production. Separate out projects or consolidate different Jira sites into one.

granular restore

Granular restore & DR

Jira does not ensure you with granular, point-in-time restore - so we do. Browse data and restore only chosen objects you need. Get the confidence and a way back when deleting unused objects. Or use Disaster Recovery (DR) technologies to instantly restore entire Jira account data and work continuously even during serious outages and disruptions.

data management

Enterprise-class data management

No code, maintenance-free protection, monitoring, and management. Streamline operations and legal compliance with customized notifications, SLA views, audit-ready reports, advanced logs, and more. In addition to backup software, we provide you with full control over Jira data, separated from Jira.

The GitProtect team were helpful and accommodating in helping us set up a Proof of concept, answering all of our questions and helping to implement the solution successfully. They always made themselves available despite the awkward time zone difference here in Australia.

Stephen Doble, DevOps Team Lead

GitProtect is a great solution for any cloud company utilizing GitHub and taking care about their data.

Dawid Brygier, IT & Security Manager

When we need to restore a repository, GitProtect brings speed, convenience and security to this process

André Esteves, Senior Security Analyst



Granular restore

Restore objects, projects with the entire configuration, all tasks from various projects, attachments, and workflows to different projects, and Jira accounts.


Separate, and consolidate data

Separate out projects and move them with all configurations and data seamlessly from one site to another or conversely - delete unused objects from Jira - all under full control.


Buisness-class security

AES in-flight and at-rest encryption with your own key, SAML authorization, ransomware package, and more. In short: everything that is safe, as befits a SOC 2 Type II and ISO27K-certified company. Get security features your CISO will trust.


Disaster Recovery

Restore all Jira data in a few clicks to the same or new Jira account (including a free one with a no-user recovery option) - even in different regions. Ensure your team with data accessibility and uninterrupted work during outages and disasters.


Data Management for Teams

Add many admin accounts, set privileges, control access with SAML authentication, and delegate responsibilities to your team. Empower them with Jira backup management designed with the enterprise sector in mind.


Cost and performance optimization

Hours of work of your team, uncertainty, and stress versus just a few clicks. There is no calculation needed - we provide you with the confident and most cost-effective way to migrate your data.

Over 100k protected repos and secured organizations