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Complete data protection for your DevOps stack - automated backup, first true Disaster Recovery, and Ransomware Protection

DevOps backup

Ship uninterruptedly, we have got your back(up)


Automate security for DevOps continuity

Automate your data protection, save engineering time and work uninterruptedly even during serious outages. No matter what your stack is - GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, or Jira - secure your entire workflow with the most professional backup & Disaster Recovery software for DevOps. Get the most of the fast hands-off backups to ensure for governance and compliance without impacting development processes.

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Security/Com­pli­ance Leaders

Make governance and SOC 2 or ISO27K compliance stress-free with automated backups, the first true Disaster Recovery for DevOps, ransomware protection, a monitoring center, and advanced security features. We have been SOC 2 audited too, so we know what you deal with. Let our security experts and audit-ready software support you. Easily integrate Sec into DevOps.


IT/DevOps Leaders

Reduce administrative overhead and let your team focus on growth instead. Automate backups, deploy it into your workflow to eliminate downtime and ensure uninterrupted development. Central management, privileges control, advanced audit logs and email or Slack notifications - we keep you up to date.


C-Level/CTO and Directors

Nullify financial and reputation losses with automated backups of all data and stay on top of security regulations. Ensure the continuity of DevOps operations with the 1st True Disaster Recovery Technology. Convert your DevOps backup into data stability and availability to eliminate any data loss.

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DevOps and Developers

Secure your entire development lifecycle and never lose even a single line of code. GitProtect continuously protects the effects of your work so you can ensure security with no impact on your velocity - at scale. Forget about script maintenance, have your DevOps backups automated and recoverable, and work uninterruptedly even during serious service outages.

The GitProtect team were helpful and accommodating in helping us set up a Proof of concept, answering all of our questions and helping to implement the solution successfully. They always made themselves available despite the awkward time zone difference here in Australia.

Stephen Doble, DevOps Team Lead

GitProtect is a great solution for any cloud company utilizing GitHub and taking care about their data.

Dawid Brygier, IT & Security Manager

When we need to restore a repository, GitProtect brings speed, convenience and security to this process

André Esteves, Senior Security Analyst



Automatic backup with full data coverage

GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket repositories and metadata, all Jira data - make policy-based backups of all DevOps data, run on schedule.

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Unlimited retention

Don’t limit yourself to 365 days of retention. Keep copies as long as you need for your compliance or to archive old, unused data. Set different retention for full, incremental and differential copies.


Security and compliance features

Get access to storage location of choice (US/EU), AES encryption with your own key - in flight and at-rest, advanced audit logs and more. Our SOC 2 audit ensures you with security and transparency.


Multi-storage compatibility

Bring your own storage, any cloud or local, or use ours, add many storages for replication purposes. Compress the data (up to 70%) to save your storage space and replicate copies for the best backup practices.


First True DR for DevOps

Perform granular, point-in-time restore to any destination. Restore to the old or new account, between SaaS and self-hosted, local machine, or cross-over to another service provider. Work uninterruptedly, even during serious outages.


Ransomware protection

Non-executable data in the copy, immutable storage, replication, limited access to storage credentials - make your DevOps backups ransomware-proof and prevent from spreading the threat.

Over 100k protected repos and secured organizations