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Turntide invents and scales breakthrough technologies to optimize how the world uses energy and hasten the switch to 100% clean energy. Their mission is to make every watt of energy worthwhile.

This case study shows a perfect example of how Turntide Technologies, the business that values not only ecology principles, sustainability, and safety. Such advanced technologies and the amount of DevOps data require appropriate protection. That was the trigger why Turntide implemented as a single backup solution for GitLab repositories and metadata, Jira Cloud environment, and soon also Confluence. Learn more about this journey to next-gen, advanced DevOps data protection.

The Next Big Thing In Tech

Turntide is a US-based company that helps decarbonize energy-intensive industries, including commercial and industrial electric vehicles, building operations, and agriculture. With Amazon, Global Optimism, and others, Turntide was proud to sign The Climate Pledge - a commitment to achieve net-zero annual carbon emissions by 2040.

And they go for it! Turntide Technologies are already in more than 300K electric vehicles, 5K buildings, and over 1K dairy farms worldwide.

The company has been recognized as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies, a World Changing Idea, and the Next Big Thing In Tech. Its Smart Motor System was named a Top Product of 2022 by the elite Environment + Energy Leader Awards program three years in a row, and its electric battery system was shouted the Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

The way cutting-edge technologies are built

Having offices distributed worldwide creates a complex engineering team spanning multiple geographies and time zones, and engineers need to be able to work on numerous product streams simultaneously.

To effectively manage the development process, the company has hundreds of GitLab repositories and most of the company access Jira.

How Turntide Technologies encountered

Data integrity is vital in any modern business. With a clear understanding of the importance of its mission and the benefits the company’s technologies bring to humanity, Turntide Technologies chose to ensure the integrity and availability of its mission-critical data and to be able to recover the company’s data should the need arise.

Service outages and cyberattacks have significantly increased in recent years, with industrials still being the most significant sector to be targeted. Any threat can put GitLab and Jira data at risk. So, providing a robust off-platform backup solution is vital for risk mitigation.

Single platform for all DevOps data -

Finding a single backup solution that was easy to use was challenging. Turntide engineers tried and compared several platforms, but after PoC and an extended trial period, they ultimately decided to go with backup for their critical GitLab, Confluence, and Jira data.

The fact that the platform supports Jira, Confluence, and GitLab means that we have one single platform for our most mission-critical assets
Turntide logo Paul Knight,VP Information Services & CISO at Turntide Technologies Inc.

As the company admits, was selected due to the platform’s simplicity, optimization for big enterprises and IT teams, navigation, and easy setup - all in one single console, the only one on the DevOps backup market.

Storage can be a game-changer

One of the factors in the decision to go with was its ability to offer a multi-storage system compatible with any cloud or on-premise storage to meet the company’s legal, security, and internal demands.

Encryption as a PRO security measure

Although keeping its data in the cloud, Turntide Technologies understands that it’s crucial to take security measures to protect its critical data. One of the standards that contribute to improving the security of essential data is AES 256 encryption. Implementing into its development process, Turntide Technologies got encryption in-flight while retaining its encryption key. “Now we have an off-platform-encrypted copy of our development data,” says Paul Knight.

Customer support is a great bonus

Working in a cutting-edge technology industry isn’t an easy task. Turntide has to follow strict regulations and adapt its internal company’s rules to legal requirements. Thus, it was vital for them to find a backup solution that could adjust, meet and implement some of their legal team regulations. So, during the PoC, Turntide ensured that was always open for discussion and ready to support during the backup software integration and post- integration periods.

The platform and the ease of doing business with GitProtect is refreshing and means we had a backup solution in place in a matter of days, no long-winded negotiations, just clear competitive, and flexible pricing. understands what the customer wants, and that is a simple solution with a strong service wrapper that will prevail every time!
Turntide logo Paul Knight,VP Information Services & CISO at Turntide Technologies Inc.


Adopting as a backup and recovery tool for Jira and GitLab met all of Turntide Technologies’ requirements and needs. It enabled the company to leverage its data protection, security, and Jira and GitLab recovery if needed.

As a result, Turntide Technologies got a single platform to set up and manage backups with all the data encrypted in flight and at rest to the storage of the company’s choice.

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GitHub backup

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