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GitProtect GitLab dashboard
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Set up GitLab backup plan and schedule in minutes

Choose predefined or customize GitLab backup policy - define data to protect and schedule backup execution - even several times a day!

Repositories list
Repository health

Backup GitLab repositories and metadata

Full, incremental, or differential backup of GitLab repositories and metadata - cloud and local. Including issues, pull requests, wikis, and more.

Stay up to date with audit logs, reports, stats

Easily track all actions performed within the system - GitLab backup summary, modifications, etc. Get peace of mind with daily email reports and visual stats in the dashboard.

Repository stats
Schedule & Retention

Long-term retention and GitLab archive

Use advanced retention settings and GFS or FIFO rotation schemes to have full control over unlimited retention. Archive GitLab projects while saving storage capacity.

SaaS or On-premise deployment

Use GitProtect as a SaaS - managed in the cloud or as an on-prem solution installed on your machine. The deployment is independent of storage - so you can still store copies wherever you want.

GitLab migration

Instant recovery and GitLab migration

Instant GitLab restore - to the new repo, your local device, or cross-over to another hosting system (i.e. GitHub) if you need to migrate. No additional restore app needed.

All PRO GitLab backup features you need

Behind GitProtect stands a decade of Xopero Software’s backup experience. It makes it the most professional, manageable, and secure GitLab backup on the market. You get access to:

plan settings

Advanced backup plan and schedule settings

backup type

Full, differential, and incremental backup


Full control over retention and GitLab archive


Multi-level management


Security: AES encryption, Password Manager, No SPOF


Any storage compatibility - use yours

GitLab down? Why backup GitLab repositories & metadata?

shared responsibility GitLab shared responsibility
error HEAD overwrite, branch deletion - mistakes
ransom Malware and ransomware
outages GitLab outage and downtime

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I set up long-term retention and GitLab archive?

Most git backup vendors offer retention limited to 30 days. Forget about it. GitProtect gives you full control over retention so you can keep your copies as long as you want and recover repositories from any point in time. If you have unused repositories, use this feature as your GitLab archive.

As the user you can define the retention rules in three ways:

  • by indicating the number of copies you want to keep,
  • by indicating the time of each copy to be kept in the storage. Those parameters are set separately for the full, differential, and incremental backup,
  • keeping all versions infinitely.

What are GitLab restore and GitLab migration possibilities?

All data restore possibilities are available directly in your management panel. Unlike in other vendors, you don’t have to install any additional GitLab restore app. Simply choose data you want to restore (repositories or repositories and metadata) and decide whether it should be restored to:

  • your local machine,
  • a new GitLab repository,
  • crossover - to another hosting platform. It enables fast and easy GitLab migration - you can restore your repository to Bitbucket or GitHub repo and conversely.

And with the Granular Recovery feature, you gain fast, and point-in-time recovery of all GitLab repositories or repositories and only selected types of metadata.


How to set a backup plan and schedule to protect GitLab Projects, repos, and metadata?

A backup plan lets you manage your GitLab projects’ protection easily and effectively. Setting it up lasts up to 5 minutes and then you just watch the magic happens. You can choose a predefined backup plan (i.e. backup of all repositories) or customize your own.

In such a backup plan you indicate:

  • data to protect (i.e. all data, only chosen GitLab repositories, and metadata),
  • storage - whether you use on-premise or SaaS you can store your copies locally (local disk resources - NAS, SAN, or SMB network shares) or in the cloud (Xopero Cloud, AWS, and all S3 compatible clouds - i.e. Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud Storage, Wasabi),
  • schedule - it gives you the possibility to set the frequency of backup execution in monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly manners. You can limit backup performance time to non-working hours so it does not impact your work and network bandwidth,
  • advanced features - retention, versioning, and rotation schemes (GFS or FIFO), encryption level, compression level, and much more...

What are GitProtect for GitLab security features?

Security is our top priority. We need to make sure we deliver our customers peace of mind so they can focus on what they do the best - building world-changing software. GitProtect brings you confidence when it comes to your GitLab security and backup, including:

  • Backup encryption - your data is always encrypted with AES algorithm - considered impossible to break and used by the US government to encrypt confidential data.
  • In-flight encryption - the encryption process starts before your data even leaves your physical machine so it’s protected either during a backup performance and at rest in the repository.
  • Zero-knowledge encryption - your device does not have any information about the encryption key - it receives it only when performing a backup. We don’t know what’s inside and nor will any intruder.
  • Secure Password Manager - store and manage all your passwords (internal and external) in one, secure place. Create strong passwords you don’t need to memorize - save them and pick from the list once needed.
  • No single point of failure - in short: you can lose access or all configuration of the management panel but as long as you have your encryption key you can restore the data.
  • Detailed audit logs - All information, errors, success notifications, warnings… with all the details so you can easily identify any cause-and-effect relation.
  • Backup verification - anytime you can test if your backup works. We keep you informed about backup execution with detailed in-panel statistics and email reports.

What are GitLab backup advanced features? as part of the Xopero Software family takes advantage of the enterprise-class features of Xopero ONE - a flagship backup software. Such as:

  • SaaS or on-premise deployment,
  • Multi-storage system (local disk resources, SMB network shares, all S3 compatible clouds - i.e. Xopero Cloud, AWS, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud Storage, Wasabi),
  • The intuitive, data-driven central web management console,
  • Multi-level management of many admins and many organizations,
  • Predefined backup plans and advanced plan customization,
  • Advanced scheduler and GitLab backup on demand,
  • Unbreakable backup encryption (AES algorithm, in-flight, zero-knowledge encryption),
  • Full, incremental, differential backup,
  • Full control over long-term retention and GitLab archive possibilities,
  • Advanced rotation schemes - GFS, FIFO for effective storage usage,
  • Advanced compression and levels of compression,
  • Advanced audit logs, statistics, reports,
  • Fast restore, granular, point-in-time, crossover recovery, and easy migration,
  • and more...