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How Red5 Adopted Backups For GitHub and Jira To Meet Its Compliance


Solution: GitProtect Backup
for GitHub & Jira

Infrastructure: GitHub repos and
metadata, Jira Cloud

Red5 hastens the way people connect, learn, and play. The company is committed to providing software that turns forward-thinking concepts and ideas into reality. Starting from interactive sports experiences that improve our leisure time to mobile surveillance and security apps that make our lives safer - that’s all in the scope of the company.

In this edition of our case study series let’s look at Red5, the business that builds innovative software allowing you to embed real-time interactive live videos that are scalable for web and native mobile apps. Google, Sony, AWS, Oracle, Nvidia, and other famous companies use Red5 technologies in their work.

To guarantee its source code and IP data security, Red5 implemented as a comprehensive backup and recovery solution for its GitHub, and Jira Cloud ecosystems.

A revolutionizing ultra-latency video streaming solution

Built on edge computing, Red5 TrueTime Solutions is the perfect tool kit to set up and deliver fast, secure, interactive video experiences in real-time, at scale. Their customers have full flexibility - they can customize their apps with Red5’s mix-and-match tools and deploy them in their data center/cloud of choice or integrate streaming devices with their SDKs.

They help visionaries advance businesses and transform industries by building and delivering real-time experiences. It empowers the sports industry to provide their fans with next-gen interactive live video experiences. E-commerce customers with extended, virtual, and augmented reality that enables rapid decision-making and purchasing tools. For entertainment and the metaverse industry, they bring hyper-realistic virtual experiences for leisure, playing, and working online. Finally, traffic camera monitoring, drone flyovers, and emergency responder support bring totally new opportunities for the security and surveillance market.

Core principles targeted at helping to deploy with ease

Building its company within strong ethical principles, including excellence in every facet of its business, flexibility, and dependability in delivering real-time streaming experiences at the speed of thought, efficiency, and culture, Red5 aims to help its customers deploy and develop their own products with ease.

To manage its software development processes effectively with the maximum value to its customers, the company uses the integration of GitHub and Jira in its daily work.

A way to a secure backup solution

Outages, downtime, ransomware attacks, and numerous vulnerabilities discovered in the wild have boosted the importance of DevOps data protection and backup in recent years - and Red5 executives have also become aware of this.

As a technology-related company, Red5 realized that its entire code is its greatest Intellectual Property, used by companies with a very meticulous approach to security. In fact, the code hosted in GitHub repositories is the most valuable asset in the entire company, which defines its presence, sales, and the functioning of the entire business.

Any threat that can menace GitHub or Jira accounts and lead to data loss might have devastating operational and financial consequences. To reduce such risk and stay on top of legal regulations, Red5 leaders started searching for a reliable, high-end backup and Disaster Recovery technology for their Intelectual Property and DevOps toolchain. While GitHub was the priority, getting Jira protection at the same time was a game changer.

Working through standard best practices and compliance caused us to re-evaluate all of our backup methodologies.
Mark Pace,CTO at Red5
Comprehensive backup technology

The Red5 team used the GitHub Marketplace to find a suitable backup software. They compared several available solutions, but it was GitProtect's offer and functionalities that turned out to be the most suitable for the high technological and security requirements of the organization.

Red5 executives admit that the implementation of permitted them to get away from relying on in-house backups that were “rickety” and brought the assurance of getting automated backups with daily reports.

3-2-1… Multi-storage system and replication

Backing up to multiple storage destinations is one of the most critical requirements for meeting compliance, and security regulations. Enabling backups, Red5 managed to protect its valuable GitHub and Jira data within one single tool and store copies in different, separated storage locations - even easier with any-to-any replication.

User-side AES Encryption

A symmetric encryption algorithm is widely used to secure data. went a step forward and Red5 got the possibility to have all their backups encrypted at rest and in flight not only with an automatically generated encryption key but also their own, custom encryption key to guarantee security and confidentiality - no one without a decryption key wouldn’t be able to read the data. Combined with the considered unbreakable AES 256 algorithm, this is probably the most technologically advanced level of cybersecurity.

Daily reports that simplify monitoring

The possibility of tracking the results and correctness of backup performance is another necessary requirement for compliance and security audits. Thanks to, Red5 administrators can effortlessly monitor the statuses of backup processes, set custom notifications, and track all changes in the system due to detailed logos.

As the CTO, Mark Pace, admits: “We get easy-to-read daily reports on the status” - which in the case of executives is convenient and time-savvy.

Crossover recovery as an additional layer of data protection

Among the most valuable features that Red5 evaluated is the possibility to restore git repositories or easily migrate to other git hosting solutions. is still the only solution worldwide with cross-recovery technology within one management console.

Thus, in the event of a prolonged GitHub outage or downtime, Red5 admins will be able to quickly and easily restore its critical GitHub data to GitLab or Bitbucket with no impact on development and business continuity.

Flexible, tested restore and Disaster Recovery

Apart from cross-recovery, Red5 can now restore their data to the same or new GitHub repository or organization account, or to the local device and cover all Disaster Recovery scenarios. But in daily operations, they might need to restore only a specific metadata, due to any human error and unintentional deletion. Then granular restore comes to the rescue.

Moreover, the possibility of testing the restore processes of backups permits the company to monitor and be sure that its backup strategy works as a Swiss knife. “Performing test restores is easy and we can send them to different providers. Huge improvement.” - the CTO of the company says.

A single tool to back up Jira & GitHub

Initially looking for a GitHub backup tool, Red5 managed to back up its critical Jira data as well. The possibility to use a single backup and recovery tool for its GitHub repositories and Jira data permitted the company to build a reliable backup strategy for its entire DevOps toolchain.

With we were able to bring all our Git repositories into backup compliance with the use of a single tool. Bonus points for Jira, we were only looking to backup Git, but we got Jira along with it!
Mark Pace,CTO at Red5


With the adoption of as a backup and disaster recovery technology for GitHub and Jira, Red5 managed to meet all their data protection needs, as well as operational, legal, and technological requirements.

As a result, the company now is able to protect its revolutionizing ultra-latency video streaming technologies in multiple locations and is ready for any Disaster Recovery scenario.

Moreover, Red5 managed to meet its backup compliance requirements thanks to automated backups, custom reports, and notifications on the status of backup performance, ultra-secure, customizable AES encryption, and cutting-edge cybersecurity features.

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