The DevOps Guide to Backup in CI/CD

All you need to know about shifting left approach and backup best practices within the CI/CD pipeline.

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Backup in CI/CD – how to integrate data protection into your pipeline

Discovering security issues, corrupted or lost data, and bugs late in the pipeline means it takes more time and effort to remediate them. It comes as no surprise that all of these late discoveries have a negative impact on a business. Companies need to invest more time, money, and other resources to get the final product done. And on top of it, there is also a postponed release date. This brings another set of problems to deal with. So, to eliminate those problems one can use a “shifting left” approach, which happens when all security-oriented tasks take place earlier in the pipeline, with the backup presents at every critical stage of the software development process. Learn how to successfully adopt DevSecOps processes now!

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To all CTOs, Heads of IT, Security officers, and teams – learn how to integrate backup into your CI/CD pipeline

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Backup in CI/CD guide - what’s inside?

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Shifting left approach - a new business challenge?

By including Sec in DevOps operations any possible issue can be identified and resolved earlier with no significant effect on the final product. Find out with us what are the best practices and how to implement them within your organization

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GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab CI/CD – PRO practices

CI/CD has many potential benefits, but successful implementation often requires a good deal of consideration. What are then the best practices for CI/CD and how to integrate it in the right way for your organization?

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Backup as a part of CI/CD
– how to

From this chapter you will learn the best way to include Backup as an additional step to the well-known Build, Test, and Publish scheme

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Shared responsibility model and backup

The shared responsibility model dictates the rules to ensure accountability of a cloud computing provider and the users. And backup is in the center of it. From this part you will learn how to meet all requirements

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Secure coding practices – the checklist

There are several secure coding standards and guides in use today, and OWASP Secure Coding Practices are in the wider use. Check if you pass the test!


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