The most professional Jira Backup and Disaster Recovery Software

Automate Jira Cloud backup and restore instantly to provide your team with uninterrupted project management.

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Easy configuration - 5 mins to automatically backup Jira Cloud

Security-oriented for compliance and shared responsibility needs

Instant Jira Disaster Recovery for agile-driven teams

Use our or bring your storage - any S3 compatible cloud or on-premise

Easy configuration - 5 mins to automatically backup Jira Cloud
Security-oriented for compliance and shared responsibility needs
Instant Jira Disaster Recovery for agile-driven teams
Use our or bring your storage - any S3 compatible cloud or on-premise

Protect your:

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    Jira Software

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    Jira Service Management

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    Jira Work Management

Jira automatic backup - stay agile

Backup Jira projects, issues, boards & more

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Simply connect your Jira Cloud instance to easily set up an automatic, scheduled backup of the most important Jira data. Including Projects, Issues, Roles, Workflow, Users, Comments, Attachments, Boards, Versions, Fields, Votes, Audit logs, Notifications, and more.

Automated Jira backup, set in minutes

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Don’t waste your devs’ time to maintain backup scripts. All you need to do is to authenticate your Jira instance and link the accounts to start performing an automated backup of the Jira Cloud data. As simple as that!

Any storage compatibility, free cloud included

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Bring your storage - any AWS S3 compatible cloud, on-premise, both or choose GitProtect Cloud Storage and preferred data center location (US/EU). Add many storages for redundancy and the backup 3-2-1 rule fulfillment. Free cloud storage is included.

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Instant Jira restore and Disaster Recovery

Instant restore

Bulk restore with no additional app

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Restore your entire Jira instance data - including projects, issues, roles, workflow, users, comments, attachments, boards, versions, fields, votes, audit logs, notifications, and more. No additional restore app is needed - is a complete All-in-ONE backup and restore software.

Point-in-time Jira data restore

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Have access to your Jira data even when your Jira account is down or your subscription is canceled. Recover all Jira data from any point in time. You can use our unlimited retention for Jira archive purposes.

Restore to another Jira account or your machine

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You can choose to restore your Jira backups to the same or another Jira account or directly to your local machine - in a few clicks. Reduce your organization's downtime and administrative overhead. Make your work recoverable.

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Security by design, for your compliance needs

SOC2 and GDPR compliance

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We are SOC2 (on finish) and GDPR compliant. Bring your storage (cloud or on-premise) or use our USA-based or EU-based best-in-class data centers, compliant with stringent security standards and certifications, including ISO 27001, EN 50600, SOC2, SOC3, FISMA, DOD, HIPPA.

Strong Jira backups encryption

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AES agent-side encryption with your encryption key makes Jira backups impossible to decrypt by no one, except you. Due to zero-knowledge encryption, your service does not have any information about the key - it receives it only when performing a backup.

Advanced audit logs & notifications

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Advanced audit logs and visual statistics let you track all actions performed in the system, quickly track down errors and perform backup on-demand to react immediately. Set email or slack notifications, and stay up to date with no login needed.

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Hassle-free central management


Web-based console

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Jira backup, restore, and management - all in one console, available directly from your browser. Simply log in to access and use even the most advanced features. Powerful, data-driven dashboards, visual statistics, and real-time actions combine ease of use, precise management, and time-saving.

Add admins & roles - multi-level management

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Add new accounts, set roles, and privileges to delegate responsibilities with your team and administrators. Grant or limit permissions to have more control over access, and data security within your Jira backup solution.

Backup many Jira Cloud accounts

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Within one account you backup and manage an unlimited number of Jira users and instances. Together with GitProtect for Bitbucket, you ensure a complete Atlassian backup for your DevSecOps processes.

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Enterprise-class Jira backup service

Behind GitProtect stands a decade of Xopero Software’s backup experience that makes it the most professional Jira backup and recovery software on the market. Get access to advanced features:

plan settings

Custom backup plan settings and schedule

backup type

Full, incremental, and differential Jira backups

schema type

FIFO and GFS rotation scheme, long-term retention


Multi-level management


Security: AES encryption, No SPOF, Password Manager


Data-driven dashboard, stats, and audit logs

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Jira down? Why backup Jira projects?

shared responsibility

Atlassian's Cloud Shared Responsibility Model


Jira Cloud data wiped by ransomware


Jira Cloud outages


Human: (un)intentional behavior

Diebold Nixdorf

The last Jira outage gave us a lot to think about - mostly how would we deal with a such scenario ourselves. And the answer didn’t fill us with much optimism. We needed to make fast changes and include Atlassian tools in our backup policy. There was one problem – most backup vendors don’t cover DevOps tools. So the initial issue has grown even bigger. Fortunately, we heard about GitProtect, tested Bitbucket backup, deployed it and now we are waiting for the upcoming launch of backup for Jira. For us, GitProtect is a real game-changer.

Mark Wolland Senior IT Project Manager

We live from coding. So we are aware of intellectual property value. We need to make sure that our customer’s data and the source code of their GitHub projects are protected and accessible from any point in time. GitProtects provide us with nearly unlimited retention and GitHub archive possibilities. And features like encryption and password manager ensure us with our code security.

Marcin Pastuszek CEO at PQ studio

To achieve SOC 2 certification, our organization needed to implement a fully manageable GitHub backup solution. There was no question about compromising any of our strict security policies. GitProtect with its strong focus on security, user encryption, and policy-based advanced backup plans set up was the obvious choice.

Pablo Versales Security Officer

The last Jira outage gave us a lot to think about - mostly how would we deal with...

We live from coding - GitProtect provides us with nearly unlimited...

To achieve SOC 2 certification, our organization needed to implement...

Let's talk about how to secure your infrastructure in the best possible way

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What is included in Jira Cloud backup? backups and recovers all Jira account-level data, including:

  • Projects,
  • Jira Issues,
  • Roles,
  • Workflow,
  • Users,
  • Comments,
  • Attachments,
  • Boards,
  • Versions,
  • Fields,
  • Votes,
  • Audit logs,
  • Notifications,
  • and more.
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Why do we need Jira backup service?

While SaaS companies, like Jira, care about users’ data accessibility, it still can get lost, or inaccessible. Thus most cloud service providers recommend having third-party reliable backup software. If you still wonder why to backup Jira data, let's check what reasons can put your DevOps processes in danger:

  • Human errors - both intentional and accidental (for example: deleting projects, boards, or tasks, overwriting them, canceling account subscription).
  • Service outage or downtime.
  • Malware attacks (wiping out all the data).
  • Internal bugs and vulnerabilities of service providers.

Jira Cloud, like other SaaS companies and other Atlassian instances (including Bitbucket), operates in the so-called Cloud Shared Responsibility Model (SRM). According to this concept, Atlassian as the service provider is responsible for the entire system’s accessibility, security, and availability, and you as a user are responsible for data protection and regular backups of important data.

You might also need Jira backup for compliance. If you are considering ISO27K or SOC2 audit, make sure you have Jira backup and Disaster Recovery software in place.

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How to start performing automated Jira backups with GitProtect?

First, you need to set up a free trial account and connect your Jira instance to start executing the default Jira backup plan which includes all your data and free GitProtect Cloud Storage. Unless you want to create your backup plan tailored to your needs and add your storage - any S3 compatible cloud or on-premise data server.

In the backup plan you can define:

  • Jira counts you want to protect.
  • Storage - your own cloud/on-premise or included GitProtect Cloud Storage.
  • Schedule
  • Retention
  • Encryption
  • Compression
  • Error handling
  • and more.

Set it up and monitor with automated email or Slack notifications to keep on track. Forget about manual backup or self-written backup script.

Want to restore? Simply go to the web-based console, choose a copy you want to restore, define a target and restore to eliminate business downtime, and manage your DevOps operations and projects interruptedly.

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