Stay agile with Azure DevOps Backup & DR software #1

Set up automatic Azure DevOps backup to become security compliant, guarantee workflow continuity with point-in-time restore

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GitProtect DevOps Backup and DR

Make your backup policy cost effective with automatic backups & recovery


Build your source code safely with ransomware package turned on


Keep data where you want - Cloud or On-Premise


Eliminate downtime with advanced Disaster Recovery technology


Uniqueness of the backup solution features.

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Reliable backup solution and fast way to restore data.

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Seamless Azure DevOps backup & DR

Ship safely with automatic backups

Back up and restore data from Azure Boards, Azure Repos, Azure Pipelines, Azure Test Plans, and Artifacts. Turn on complete data protection of your Azure DevOps ecosystem with top-notch backup and real Disaster Recovery. Set up automatic, daily Azure DevOps backups covering repositories and associated metadata.

Use the most of developer-focused backups

Do you want to ship your IT product safely? Create, configure and schedule your backup plan using enterprise-grade features, including long-term data retention, compression and encryption. Have control over the type of copies you perform - full, incremental, and differential.

Storage capabilities - AWS S3 or On-premise

Keep your backup data in different locations to meet your requirements - Azure Blob Storage, Wasabi, GitProtect Cloud Storage, or any AWS S3 compatible cloud, on-premise, both or pick up GitProtect Cloud Storage with a Data Center location in Europe or US region - up to your preference. Boost recoverability with 3-2-1 backup rule.

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Backup Azure repositories & metadata

Fast and reliable Restore & Disaster Recovery

Point-in-time restore

Eliminate data loss, nullify on-purpose or accidental deletion of your data, and recover your Azure DevOps data directly to your Azure account - the same or a new one from any point in time. Use the most of unlimited retention and keep your backup data up to forever.

Avoid outages with cross-over recovery & DR

Keep your backup data consistent and recoverable. Guarantee business continuity and uninterrupted development workflow under any disaster scenario. Perform cross-over restore and migrate your data to GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, or your local machine.

Fast and flexible granular restore

Perform your restore operation as fast as possible. Don't recover the entire Azure DevOps account in bulk each time you need some specific Azure files or any other piece of information. Ensure agile and scalable building with granular recovery of repositories, boards and only selected metadata.

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Instant Azure restore and Disaster Recovery

We are now SOC 2 Type II compliant

Customers’ data and its protection are our top priority. And our SOC 2 Type II and ISO27k certificates are a proof that it more than words!

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soc2 type II Sensitive data handled with great care
iso 27001 Data protection best practices guaranteed
gdpr Properly handling personal data

Security as part of your shared responsibility & compliance goals

Up-to-date audit logs & Slack notifications

Monitor all actions and details performed in the system with advanced audit logs, and visual statistics. Back up Azure with GitProtect and access customized email and Slack notifications to stay updated, and focus on what really matters.

Zero-knowledge encryption

Protect your Azure DevOps ecosystem with encryption in-flight and at rest. Embed even higher data protection with your own encryption key to secure data in the storage. Use the most of zero-knowledge encryption, when your backup service has no information about your encryption key - you are the only one who knows it.

Meet SOC2 & Shared Responsibility goals

Make your compliance a breeze! Build your Azure backup strategy and turn on your final line of data protection with our ransomware-proof features. Keep up with your legal, compliance and shared responsibility requirements.

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Security by design, for your compliance needs

Developer-focused central management

All-in-one - central management

Don't waste your time on writing scripts and manually perform backups. Take the most of one single management console to set up backup plans, roles, permissions and restore your backups directly from your browser. Save your time with powerful data-driven dashboards and visual statistics.

Multi-level management - roles & privileges

Easily delegate responsibilities within your team - add new accounts, set roles, and grant or limit permissions. Use audit logs for easy monitoring and control of the entire development process. Ship securely.

One account for entire AD ecosystem

Back up and manage as many Azure DevOps accounts as you need (up to unlimited) in one place. Use our multi-tenancy technology for instant Azure Repos migration, and cross-over recovery - from Azure Repos to GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab and vise versa. Use our tool to protect data in your Microsoft Azure DevOps ecosystem and automatically create backups for instant accessibility.

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Time-saving central management dashboard

The GitProtect team were helpful and accommodating in helping us set up a Proof of concept, answering all of our questions and helping to implement the solution successfully. They always made themselves available despite the awkward time zone difference here in Australia.

Stephen Doble, DevOps Team Lead

GitProtect is a great solution for any cloud company utilizing GitHub and taking care about their data.

Dawid Brygier, IT & Security Manager

When we need to restore a repository, GitProtect brings speed, convenience and security to this process

André Esteves, Senior Security Analyst

Over 100k protected repos and secured organizations


Enterprise-class Azure DevOps backup features

Behind GitProtect stands a decade of Xopero Software’s backup experience what makes it #1 professional Azure DevOps backup on the market. Get access to advanced features for free:

backup plan

Advanced backup plan and scheduler


Full control over retention and GFS rotation scheme

copy types

Full, incremental, and differential backups

virus protection

Ransomware-proof protection


Multi-level management

dashboard and stats

Advanced monitoring, audit logs, data-driven dashboards

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Azure DevOps is down? Why backup DevOps data

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