#1 Ransomware Protection for seamless DevSecOps workflow

Shift left with comprehensive ransomware-proof technologies, and every-scenario-ready Disaster Recovery

Empower the DevOps team with seamless ransomware-proof workflow, mitigate risks, and scale the security efforts across an organization. Shift left with comprehensive ransomware-proof technologies, every-scenario-ready Disaster Recovery, and best-in-class remediation controls and governance for security teams.

timer 11 sec

This is the time interval ransomware attack attempts happen

skull 92%

of those who paid ransom failed to get all their data back

money $1.85M

is the average cost of recovery from the ransomware attack

bolt 22 days

is the average downtime period due to a ransomware attack

Juggle your BEST arguments


Making DevOps tools a safer place

Mitigate the risks with security measures that make developers' work saved, accessible, and recoverable. Empower your security team with complete controls and satisfy regulations. Turn on the final defense of your data security - just like DevOps backup should be.


Mitigate the worst

Every-scenario-ready Disaster Recovery technologies keep your DevOps up on running and best-in-class security measures eliminate the risk of the ransomware attack spreading. Eliminate data loss, financial harm, and reputation damage. Keep your business truly agile and ransomware-proof.


Comply with strict security standards

Prove your credibility and trust with the SOC 2 audited backup software. Reduce your certification efforts, keep up with your legal, compliance, and shared responsibility requirements. Become audit-ready and take pressure off your security team.

The GitProtect team were helpful and accommodating in helping us set up a Proof of concept, answering all of our questions and helping to implement the solution successfully. They always made themselves available despite the awkward time zone difference here in Australia.

Stephen Doble, DevOps Team Lead

GitProtect is a great solution for any cloud company utilizing GitHub and taking care about their data.

Dawid Brygier, IT & Security Manager

When we need to restore a repository, GitProtect brings speed, convenience and security to this process

André Esteves, Senior Security Analyst


immutable storage

Immutable storage

Mitigate the risks with WORM-compliant storage technology that prevents data from being modified or erased and makes it ransomware-proof.


Multi-storage systems & replication

Add an unlimited number of data stores, bring your own cloud or on-premise storage, or use the free unlimited cloud to replicate backups, meet the 3-2-1 backup standard and ensure recovery guarantee.


Limited access to storage credentials

Simply the best protection for your authentication! We guard your credentials preventing attackers from accessing your storage.


The most secure AES Encryption

Protect your source code wisely! Use zero-knowledge encryption, protect data in-flight and at rest. Enhance your data safety with your own encryption key.

point in time

Point-in-time restore

Use the best of versioning and restore the particular copy from the very specific point in time. Accommodate your Devs with long-term retention for compliance, business continuity and DR strategy.


#1 reliable DevOps Disaster Recovery

Say no to downtime and data loss - instantly restore DevOps data and keep your IT infrastructure up and running. Ensure continuous workflow under any disaster scenario.

Over 100k protected repos and secured organizations