Data migration and mobility

Migrate to the cloud or move between GitHub, GitLab, or Atlassian platforms with no worry about data loss or disruption

Data migration and mobility

What to look for:


Cross-platform data mobility and migration


Seamless cloud journey


Ultrasecure data protection in hybrid and multi-cloud

data loss

Cross-platform data mobility

Do you need to migrate your data between GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket? GitProtect cross-over recovery enables you to seamlessly lift your data across platforms and migrate your stack with no worry about data loss or disruption. In just a few clicks without the need for lengthy planning and resource consumption.

data loss

Data migration

Backup and restore all data to ensure seamless and application-consistent migration to the cloud. Migrate data in bulk from GitHub Enterprise Server, GitLab self-managed, and Bitbucket DC to their cloud counterparts (and conversely!).

data loss

Stress-free Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Technologies ensure you can get your data where you need them to be - in minutes. Restore in different ways, and destinations - P2C, C2P, C2C, cross-over to different platforms, and more. Work continuously even during outages, human errors, and events of failures. Don't worry about data loss during migration - you have always way back.

The GitProtect team were helpful and accommodating in helping us set up a Proof of concept, answering all of our questions and helping to implement the solution successfully. They always made themselves available despite the awkward time zone difference here in Australia.

Stephen Doble, DevOps Team Lead

GitProtect is a great solution for any cloud company utilizing GitHub and taking care about their data.

Dawid Brygier, IT & Security Manager

When we need to restore a repository, GitProtect brings speed, convenience and security to this process

André Esteves, Senior Security Analyst

Key benefits

Data consistency and portability

Data consistency and portability

Enable migration even across different platforms with seamless data consistency possible* and keep the results of your work.


Reliable automated workflows

Forget custom scripts and migrate app data with on-demand workflows. Easily monitor the app and data migration process, receive notifications, and get things done automatically.


Mission-success guaranteed

Houston... we don't have a problem! With DevOps backup in place, you eliminate the risk of data loss or disruption and make sure there is always a way back.


Cost and performance optimization

Hours of work of your team, uncertainty, and stress versus just a few clicks. There is no calculation needed - we provide you with the simplest and most cost-effective way to migrate your data.


Certified data protection

Your DevOps data is backed up and protected throughout the entire process. AES in-flight and at-rest encryption with your own key, advanced DR, ransomware package, and more. In short: everything that is safe, as befits a SOC2 and ISO27K-certified company.


Failure-proof solution

GitHub, GitLab, or Atlassian outage? Instantly restore DevOps data in different platforms to ensure business continuity, uninterrupted workflow and eliminate financial loss.

Over 100k protected repos and secured organizations