The Wharton School and GitProtect

How the 1st business school encountered the 1st Bitbucket backup software in the world


Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is the world’s first business school that stays on the top of all rankings, with one of the largest alumni networks in the United States. The numbers speak for themself, with the network of more than 100K alumni and 77 clubs spread across 153 countries.

In recent years, its IT department, Wharton Computing, has been migrating and launching IT services to the cloud. As the best practice for cloud services, it has adopted the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) strategy for deploying these services and Bitbucket for managing source code. For companies embracing IaC, protecting the repositories becomes a priority, and relying on local copies is not a comprehensive backup plan.

Therefore, Wharton Computing placed high importance on developing a plan to protect the Bitbucket repositories from any accidental deletion that could impact the ability to manage its cloud services.


Wharton Computing needed to create a strategy to protect its repositories from accidental deletions, and the solution should not impact current processes. In addition, it should work automatically and be easy to use immediately.


“The easiness of the tool! I can set up a backup plan and have a high level of confidence that it is going to work. I worked with other backup products for different IT services and never felt comfortable that the backup plan was going to work as expected.“

The Wharton Computing Team The Wharton School


This is the story of how the first business school encountered the first Bitbucket backup software worldwide. At this time, it is still the only tool in the market that protects Bitbucket repositories. After a few demonstrations and meetings with the GitProtect team, the Wharton Computing team evaluating backup tools found GitProtect’s features met and exceeded the requirements. Consequently, there was no need to wait for other similar backup tools to catch up.

As confirmed by Wharton Computing evaluating team members, GitProtect was straightforward to use from the beginning. The GUI is intuitive to navigate, and its different sections are logically organized. In addition, the time it took to learn many of its features was brief. The tool was configured quickly to match the requirements and started backing up repositories and their metadata immediately.

The operation team in Wharton Computing, which now manages GitProtect, affirms that onboarding a new repository is reasonably easy, and the procedure can be documented in very few steps. This easiness enables anyone in the operations team to do this task.

Summary provides Wharton Computing with a reliable backup solution that is easy to use. There is no need to utilize in-house resources to develop custom scripts that must be revised periodically and maintained. The school representatives admit that by leveraging GitProtect and Xopero expertise, Wharton Computing programmers focus their skills on developing solutions to support the school’s mission. The web-based simple-to-use management console made it easy for Wharton Computing to automate its repository backup processes and ensure that its data is well-protected. With, they have a guarantee that their data is secure and recoverable in any scenario.


GitProtect Backup for Bitbucket.

Field of expertise:


Infrastructure to protect:

150 repositories.

Key benefits

Policy-based backup,
Intuitive central management console,
The easiness of the tool
and multi-tenancy,
Simple setup and configuration.