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Ammagamma adopts backups for Bitbucket to meet ISO 27001 Compliance


Solution: GitProtect Backup and DR
for Bitbucket

Infrastructure: Bitbucket ecosystem,
repos and metadata

Artificial Intelligence is on the rise. It radically transforms humans' ability to interpret and understand reality. AI technologies are becoming an integral part of companies’ development and improvement processes as they bring automation, efficiency, cost reduction, improved productivity, and unlimited possibilities.

Let’s look at Ammagamma, a leading Italian AI company that helps enterprises innovate processes with Artificial intelligence. Eni, Hera Group, Cirfood, Olympus Italia, and other famous Italian companies use AI technologies that Ammagamma has developed.

To ensure the AI solutions the company creates are secure, Ammagamma adopted backups for Bitbucket. Thus, the company achieved the proper protection of its DevOps pipelines which is the key asset for Ammagamma, and met the ISO 27001 requirements.

Innovative human-centered technologies

Ammagamma is an innovative Italian company that offers the best choice instruments through the development of ingenious AI solutions, since 2013. The company was among the first in Italy to bring data management techniques based on the intensive use of mathematics and machine learning algorithms out of research laboratories.

Ammagamma’s initial goal was to bring data-driven innovation to the niche world of energy efficiency, yet they also transformed other industries with their AI technologies. Thus, now the company is aimed at helping businesses optimize their management, make beforehand decisions, improve the efficiency of production, automate various administrative processes, and reduce the risk related to changes in exchange rates. The company’s products, Aware and Ahead, were recognized by Gartner and became part of Gartner’s Market Guide 2022.

How Ammagamma creates its AI solutions

Understanding that AI doesn’t exist as it is, there is a human who thinks and creates AI solutions, Ammagammas has a multidisciplinary team of engineers, mathematicians, historians, philosophers, and designers.

To create its cutting-edge AI solutions tailored for business users, Ammagamma utilizes various advanced tools, including Bitbucket. Multiple teams engage in diverse projects throughout the year, employing structured pipelines on Bitbucket, which is a key asset for the company.

The need for comprehensive backup

Being deeply committed to the quality of the AI solutions Ammagamma delivers to its customers, the company decided to become certified with ISO 27001. To pass this audit organizations need to implement and follow strict security standards. Moreover, ISO 27001 is a constant challenge for improving the company’s operational environment, including the backup option the company opts for.

Keeping in mind all of that, they started to search for backup software that would offer all the essential features Ammagamma requires for building its Bitbucket data protection. First, they adopted a backup solution that included a ‘git’, feature which they thought was a reliable option. However, with the growth of Ammagamma’s Bitbucket repository and related metadata count, the need for a dedicated solution to streamline operations time became clear.

Ammagamma starts backing up its data with

During the data protection product selection phase, stood as a standalone backup option for Bitbucket among its competition. Comprehensive backup and Disaster Recovery features and a user-friendly interface caught Ammagamma’s IT team’s eye so they instantly started the PoC process.

I needed a solid solution, pro-oriented and supported by a company with experience in the backup field.
Silvio Umberto Zanzi,IT Manager at Ammagamma

During the trial period, the IT team of Ammagamma was able to test the effectiveness of the backup and restore abilities provides. Moreover, for Ammagamma’s team, it was important to test the support service of the backup vendor. Fast and qualified responses and a professional manner of communication were additional bonuses for Ammagamma. “The quality of the support made me choose the product,” adds Silvio.

Certified security

Compliance with security protocols always proves the reliability of the solution. has already passed SOC 2 Type I and Type II, ISO 27001 audits, and operates within them. Moreover, the backup provider is GDPR compliant, which is important for Ammagamma as it runs its business within the EU borders.

High-security measures

Ammagamma found’s encryption feature fundamental. The company can be sure that all its backups are encrypted with the AES 256 algorithm, considered the most secured one, in flight and at rest. Furthermore, the Ammagamma team can set its own encryption key, which means that only the members of Ammagamma’s team who know the key can decrypt it; even the backup agent hasn’t got this information.

I consider fundamental the encryption feature during backups and the fact that the on-prem agent operates “inside-out”, not requiring any kind of firewall opening.
Silvio Umberto Zanzi,IT Manager at Ammagamma
Restore and Disaster Recovery options

Data accessibility and availability is one of the critical aspects of passing the ISO 27001 audit. By adopting, Ammagamma got a full pack of restore and Disaster Recovery abilities that can help the company restore its data in seconds should the need arise. Point-in-time restore, granular recovery, restore to the same or new repository, organization, or local device, and cross-over recovery are options that Ammagamma can use at any time the company’s IT team needs, even as a test one for compliance and audit purposes.

Thus, depending on the situation, the company’s IT team can quickly get their data back and eliminate data loss without interrupting its continuous workflow.

Cross-over recovery

Among other restore features offers, Ammagamma distinguished cross-over recovery the most.

I like very much the possibility to back up from one environment and restore the repo to another environment.
Silvio Umberto Zanzi,IT Manager at Ammagamma

So, in case of an Atlassian outage, Ammagama can quickly restore its Bitbucket repositories and metadata to another Git hosting service - GitHub or GitLab. It will permit them to resume the Ammagamma team’s work fast, with no impact on the business continuity.

Unlimited retention

Most SaaS vendors, Atlassian isn’t an exception, provide retention from 30 to 365 days by default. However, it’s not enough for companies that are eager to meet ISO 27001 compliance. Within the 27001 standard, an organization should keep its data for at least 3 years. Thus, retention can become a game-changer.

By adopting, Ammagamma got the possibility to retain its data for as long as it needed. The Ammagamma’s IT team can easily set the time for copies to be kept, indicate by the number of copies to store, or keep its backup copies infinitely for archive purposes.

Audit-ready monitoring and governance

Ammagamma got detailed monitoring of its backup tasks by implementing backups for Bitbucket. Now the company has all the information regarding the backup performance in one place - backup summary, restore summary, and replication summary.

This detailed monitoring information generates logs that can serve as documentation of backup measures and activities Ammagamma has. Moreover, together with comprehensive data-driven dashboards, daily reporting, SLA auditing, and compliance reports, Ammagamma has solid grounds that all the company's critical data is well protected and secured.


In the backup and recovery tool, Ammagamma met all the needs and requirements it had. It ensured that all of Ammagamma’s critical Bitbucket repositories and metadata were secured, accessible, and easily recovered if needed.

GitProtect is a product specifically developed to backup repositories and metadata. It is interoperable with the most important players in the marketplace. It is a commercial product, continuously developed, and provides good customer technical support. It is compliant with GDPR requirements and it is a valuable choice for ISO 27001 compliance.
Silvio Umberto Zanzi,IT Manager at Ammagamma

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