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Mobica is a global software development and integration services company that helps businesses develop the exceptional digital experiences of tomorrow. Every day, individuals come across Mobica’s work as they engage with their computers or smartphones, whether it’s to browse social media or search for information online, or when they enjoy in-car entertainment or perform routine tasks like vacuuming. Google, Meta, Samsung, Vodafone, Cirrus Logic, ABB Ltd., and other renowned enterprises are among those Mobica has helped create extraordinary software solutions.

In this edition of the Case Study series, we will peer at Mobica, the company that does its best to extend the boundaries of the possible by providing deep technology expertise right across the software stack, and its way of adopting backups for Jira Software and Jira Service Management to ensure the security of its project management data.

Mobica - the company that helps to build future-ready solutions

Mobica is a UK-based software company that offers expertise in various areas, including software development, quality assurance, product design, and more. The company helps businesses transform unimaginable ideas into the reality of tomorrow’s world no matter what industry their clients operate in - automotive, semiconductor, finance, digital TV, etc. At Mobica, conventional software development is surpassed through the provision of tailored solutions and the embrace of Talent-as-a-Service practices. This enables the company to meet the unique requirements of clients and deliver innovative, reliable software products globally.

The company has been recognized as # 1 of the Top 20 Most Promising Semiconductor Technology Solutions Providers in 2022 by CIO Review and Gary Butters Ranked #1 of the Top 10 CROs of 2022 by Industry Era. Moreover, Mobica is among the London Stock Exchange’s 1000 Companies to inspire Britain and holds the Queen’s Award for Enterprise International Trade, among other leading British awards in the industry.

Shared values and core principles to build innovative solutions

Developing multiple projects at the same time, Mobica builds its work on firm beliefs to provide its clients with exceptional service. Trust, respect, and eagerness to solve the challenges effectively within the given terms are the core of their project management team. Here is how the company describes its values: “Our primary delivery objective is to ensure required service quality level via the highly slicked engineers, low friction operations and proper data-driven governance.”

To ensure that all the company’s projects are performed as a clock Mobica’s team uses Jira for project management and Jira Service Management for support tickets if any incidents, service requests, or challenges arise.

The way to back up the Jira instance starts…

Estimating and understanding the importance of the work the company does, Mobica’s team, which is mainly comprised of functional safety specialists, started backing up its Jira data using the Atlassian in-built backup solution - Jira Backup Manager.

First, the backup option worked well as the tool enables snapshots of the Jira instances, assuring the security of specific Jira data even in the face of unforeseen circumstances. However, it required manual interference from the Mobica team to perform and export their Jira snapshots. Moreover, the company’s team couldn’t download the snapshots of its data when needed, as Atlassian permits its users to perform manual exports of pages and users only every 24 or 48 hours (with attachments).

Thus, realizing its need to bypass the 48-hour limit given by Atlassian and the importance of automated scheduled backups accessible anytime, with history, Mobica’s team started to search for a backup solution that could meet their requirements.

How Mobica started backing up its Jira data with

After having figured out its needs and requirements for backup software, Mobica started its selection process. Within a careful analysis of the competition, the company understood that was the backup solution that met all their needs and requirements in the best way. The Mobica’s team liked’s features, functionality, and values, as the backup app permitted them to automate the backup processes, and schedule backups within any frequency their company’s policy requires without any limitations. “GitProtect provides a solution which fulfills our needs to 99%,” says Tomas Hausner, Technical Project Manager at Mobica.

The process of PoC was smooth and simple as the GitProtect Sales team answered all the questions the Mobica team had regarding the backup and restore of Jira data, and assisted the company during the trial period up to the adoption of Jira backups.

Scheduled Jira backups to automate the backup process

One of the most critical of Mobica’s requirements was the possibility of scheduling its Jira backups without any time limitations. Backup scheduling brings automation of the backup processes, ensures consistency, and guarantees compliance, governance, data protection, and Disaster Recovery.

With, Mobica can use any of the pre-defined plans the backup provider offers - Basic, GFS, or Forever incremental, or customize its backup by setting and running it at any moment the company’s policy requires. Thus, the company has full flexibility over its backup performance.

Secure encryption to guarantee Jira data protection

Considering data encryption as an important feature of data protection, Mobica highly evaluated the symmetric encryption algorithms provides. The company got its critical Jira data and JSM data backups encrypted in flight and at rest with the possibility of creating its custom encryption key. Thus, Mobica’s team can have peace of mind that their sensitive data on client projects is secure - no one without the decryption key can read the data. This combination of custom encryption key and considered unbreakable AES 256 encryption algorithm compose the most technologically advanced level of security.

Disaster Recovery and Granular Restore to ensure data resilience

The main reason for every backup is the possibility of restoring critical data quickly under any circumstances - human error, ransomware attack, system outage, etc. By adopting, the Mobica technical project management team got an easy restore functionality - Disaster Recovery and Granular Restore.

Thus, the company has become resilient to any cyber threat. With Disaster Recovery technologies the company can be sure to restore the entire Jira account, data, and configuration to the same/new Jira account or the local machine.

In case of accidental deletion, data loss, or a human error, the company can restore data granularly - browse and recover only selected objects in Jira, including projects, issues, workflows, or attachments.

Data migration and mobility are some additional features behind the abovementioned recovery options. The company can migrate Jira data from one project/account to another, move between various Jira accounts, copy project configuration from one project to another, from Sandbox to Production as well as separate out projects or consolidate different Jira sites into one.

What’s more, they aren’t limited to one restore destination, as the backup software enables Jira data restore to the same or a new Jira account, their local device, or a free Jira account with a no-user recovery option.

We tested GitProtect recovery options in several recovery tests, I could confirm that all data was retained and without any errors
Mobica logo Tomas Hausner,Technical Project Manager at Mobica
User-friendly UX/UI kit to simplify management and monitoring

Analytics plays a critical role in data protection and backup management. By adopting, Mobica can easily manage backup plans and monitor its performance in a unified web-based central management console accessible without any app installation. Data-driven dashboards, detailed task monitoring, advanced audit logs, and Slack, mail, and webhook notifications make monitoring clear and permit the company to react fast should any event of failure occur.

With GitProtect backup, we have a reliable solution for backing up our sensitive data about client projects. We value the flexibility of the setup, the user-friendliness
Mobica logo Tomas Hausner,Technical Project Manager at Mobica


Mobica could meet all its requirements and needs by adopting backups for Jira. Given this, Mobica resolved all the challenges it faced concerning the Jira backups for its project data.

Now, with, Mobica’s security team no longer needs to perform their Jira backups manually and can automate scheduled Jira backups at any time they want. Moreover, the company has a secure encryption feature turned on in flight and at rest, the possibility to customize its Jira backups, and easy restore functionality in case of a disaster.

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