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Every day, millions of people worldwide undergo surgery to treat various conditions. Whenever possible, laparoscopy is often preferred over open surgery during these procedures to significantly reduce postoperative complications for the patient. Unlike open surgery, however, the surgeon relies solely on a video stream fed from a camera inserted into the patient to navigate during the procedure.

SURGAR is a company that provides augmented reality software to surgeons, assisting them during laparoscopy by displaying information about the organ and its internal structures directly on the video stream. Such software allows the surgeons to increase their precision during the surgical procedure and help to reduce surgical complications.

We will look at the company’s way of implementing backups for its GitHub repositories to ensure that every line of source code associated with their life-saving software is secure.

How SURGAR revolutionizes minimally invasive surgery

SURGAR is a French-based fast-growing business aimed at developing augmented reality software for computer-assisted laparoscopy. Using the smart combination of augmented reality and artificial intelligence, the company revolutionized mini-invasive surgery. Placing its patients’ well-being as its main goal, SURGAR develops software that allows increased precision guidance of surgical procedures, guaranteeing quality and safety during operations, as well as reducing complication rates, operation times, and hospitalizations.

Building advanced technology

While developing its augmented reality software that combines pre- and intra-intervention images for greater surgeon precision during laparoscopic surgeries, SURGAR also applies artificial intelligence to help its users with their tasks. All its project management and code-associated data, as well as the machine learning codes, are stored on GitHub.

With a clear understanding that GitHub data must be protected and secured from any event of failure, including malicious deletion or changes in its codebase, and to comply with its Quality Management System, SURGAR decided to back up its data.

A way to secure backup starts

First, as a core of its backup approach, SURGAR used DIY backup solutions based on automatically scheduled scripts that duplicated the company’s data within different storages. For some time it fulfilled SURGAR’s needs, though, to optimize its technical team’s work and make the process easier and more maintainable, the company started searching for a professional backup solution.

SURGAR meets and ensures its GitHub data security

Having analyzed its needs and requirements for a backup solution, SURGAR initiated its selection process. The company evaluated various backup tools for their automation capabilities and ease of use. Backup & Disaster Recovery software emerged as the most comprehensive solution that met SURGAR’s requirements. The company liked the functionality and features aimed at automating backup performance and securing critical source code, project management, and machine learning code data. “ makes the backup of our repositories as easy as possible by proposing very customizable and easy-to-set-up backup plans,” says Richard Modrzejewski, Data Science Technical Manager at SURGAR.

Moreover, with backups for GitHub repositories and metadata, SURGAR’s technical team focused less on backup-related tasks and more on their core duties. “Once set up, you can forget about it and only check the reports associated with your plan when required,” continues Richard.

Easy setup and automation

SURGAR was seeking a backup solution that would simplify and enhance the maintainability of their technical team’s work. With backups SURGAR’s technical team managed to automate their backups, reducing the time they needed to spend on performing and testing backups. is based on the “Set&Forget” data protection approach which allows for setting up a default backup policy with comprehensive security measures or creating a fully customized backup policy tailored to enterprise-class demands.

Customized backup plans

For SURGAR it was critically important to have the possibility to customize its GitHub backups. With backups for DevOps tools, it became easy, as the backup solution allows setting up custom backup policies to meet strict company requirements.

Thus, SURGAR has the flexibility to schedule its full, differential, and incremental backups performed at any time it needs - monthly, weekly, daily, or even hourly. To customize its backup policy the augmented reality software company can also set up the needed encryption level, deduplication, retention, compression, multiple storage destinations, and replication of data between them.

The very customizable backup and deduplication plans are very important for us as they are at the core of our backup strategy.
Surgar logo Richard Modrzejewski,Data Science Technical Manager at SURGAR
Multi-storage system and replication

SURGAR was interested in the possibility of backing up its GitHub repositories and metadata to a few local destinations. Keeping critical data in numerous locations is one of the most secure measures, when it comes to data protection.

Thanks to being a multi-storage system, allows the use of multiple storage types - local and cloud. The backup and Disaster Recovery solution supports AWS, Azure Blog Storage, Wasabi, Google Cloud Storage, and any S3-compatible storage.

GitProtect is a reliable and easy backup solution which is very customizable and very adaptive to the type of storage you want to use. Once set up, everything is automatic.
Surgar logo Richard Modrzejewski,Data Science Technical Manager at SURGAR

Moreover, to maintain data consistency within all backup destinations, allows data replication between storage destinations, both cloud and/or local.

Backup monitoring

It was important for SURGAR to have a backup solution that would help the innovative company optimize its backup performance and monitoring. SURGAR’s technical team liked the opportunity to set up backup plans and monitor its performance with detailed task monitoring.

Thus, thanks to’s user-friendly interface, the company can easily navigate and be updated with tasks on backup, restore, and replication summaries. Moreover, to be sure that no single information is lost regarding backup performance, SURGAR can enable Slack and email notifications, and navigate through data-driven console and advanced Audit logs to make sure that backup performance is successful.


The ultimate outcome of implementing the backup and recovery software not only met all SURGAR’s expectations but also helped the company address its security concerns, automate data protection, and guarantee data recovery in any event of failure.

GitProtect is a very complete, and yet easy-to-use solution for backing up all your data associated with your GitHub or GitLab repositories. It supports most storage types (GCP, AWS, Azure, and any S3 storage) and everything is very intuitive.
Surgar logo Richard Modrzejewski,Data Science Technical Manager at SURGAR

With backup for GitHub, SURGAR managed to have all its backup processes automated. Thanks to the backup software’s multi-storage compatibility, SURGAR’s technical team could back up their critical GitHub data to multiple locations, ensuring that in any event of failure, they will be able to restore their data instantly to guarantee business continuity.

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