Does compress my data?

Does compress my data?

GitProtect uses compression on each backup plan by default. You can manage compression settings within a plan by selecting the algorithm, compression level and whether you want to actually use compression or not.

Compression algorithms to choose:

  • LZ4 - Lossless streaming compression algorithm that is focused on fast compression and even faster decompression speed. It ensures fast backup compression with a reasonable ratio.
  • ZStandard - a real-time lossless data compression algorithm that provides a high compression ratio. It offers a very wide range of speed/compression trade-offs and is backed by an extremely fast decoder

In addition, you can choose one of three backup compression levels:

  • Low - faster backup, but it takes more space on storage
  • Medium - the most optimal data compression level - a compromise between the time of the compression process performance, and the size of the data that will be saved in the storage
  • High - the compression process may take longer, however, it reduces the backup size and saves storage space

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