How can GitProtect fulfill my need for ultra-privacy?

I need ultra-privacy, what GitProtect mechanisms guarantee that my data won’t leave my environment?

With your DevOps data is secure regardless of the deployment model - SaaS or On-premise. However, if your main priority is to stay in full control over data we have a few solutions provided:

  • GitProtect is a multi-storage system: you can use your own storage as a backup destination (any on-premise or cloud),
  • GitProtect allows you to deploy the backup agent within your own environment (physical or cloud), then no data will leave your infrastructure,
  • we provide you with an encrypted backup and transmission - in-flight and at-rest AES encryption, so the Man-in-the-Middle attack can be prevented,
  • apart from SaaS or hybrid, GitProtect allows also a complete On-premise deployment - in this scenario, everything is hosted by the client side.

When it comes to passwords, encryption keys, or any other secrets, they are stored in a secure Password Manager in an encrypted form. No one has access to it but you, or assigned members of your team, the most trusted and reliable ones.

With you can set roles and permissions for your team members to grant them appropriate access. You can opt for 4 different roles:

  • Viewer, who can only view the settings,
  • Restore operator, who can view account permissions and restore the data in case of a failure,
  • Backup operator, who can additionally to the already mentioned privileges create and run backup tasks,
  • System administrator, the most privileged one, who can manage backup data and all system settings within your account.

We are the only backup vendor fully ISO27k and SOC2 Type II compliant. Thus, our security practices and features will facilitate your own regulations, certification processes, and procedures. In a nutshell, with your data is safe and sound, as you are the only one who has full control over it.

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