How can I restore data?

How can I restore data?

To restore the data you don’t need any additional app - is a complete backup & recovery software for your DevOps ecosystem with one central management console.

This gives you the guarantee that during a failure you will be able to restore the data instantly.

Simply choose a copy you want to restore (from any point in time), define if you want to restore all or only chosen data, and choose the restore destination. You can restore your data to your existing organization account and repository, to the new organization you will add, crossover to another Git hosting platform (i.e. from GitHub to Bitbucket or GitLab and conversely), or to your local device.

Recovery features in a nutshell:

  • Point-in-time restore
  • Granular recovery (of repositories and only selected metadata)
  • Restore to the same or new repository/organization account
  • Cross-over recovery to another git hosting platform (ie. from GitHub to Bitbucket and conversely)
  • Easy data migration between platforms
  • Restore to your local device

Keep on coding even during serious GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab outages, when your cloud infrastructure is down or you don’t have an internet connection. React immediately and don't waste your time on additional restore app installation.

Check out the “restore process” article in the knowledge base.

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