What are the possibilities in terms of notification methods?

What are the possibilities in terms of notification methods?

There are actually two options: e-mail and Slack notifications.

Email notifications

You can build your own list of recipients who will receive email notifications every time a backup plan is finished. You can additionally define what information in the backup plan summary should be included in those emails:

  • Successfully finished tasks
  • Tasks finished with warnings
  • Failed tasks
  • Cancelled tasks
  • Tasks not started

The default settings include your account email as a recipient and all the information with backup plan summary.

Slack notifications

Do you use Slack? Turn on backup plan summary notifications and receive them directly to your Slack account. Define what information should be included: successfully finished tasks, tasks with warnings, failed, cancelled, or not started tasks - all of them or chosen ones.

You can also set up a webhook address or send a test message.

Both email and Slack notifications are available in English, Polish, Spanish, Russian, Chinese (traditional and simplified).

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