What data GitProtect has access to?

What data GitProtect has access to?

GitProtect.io puts security and data protection in the first place. That’s why, we, as a backup provider, have no access to the information you back up and keep in your storage.

All your data is encrypted in flight and at rest. As an additional security measure, you can encrypt your backups with your own encryption key. The backup provider has no information about the encryption key, it only gets it during the backup or restore processes.

All we can see is if your backup was performed successfully or not.

Though, depending on the deployment type, SaaS, On-Premise, or hybrid, we can request a minimal set of permissions for the data you are to protect with our software. It will allow us to connect and run your backups successfully. This data can include:

  • Read all user profile data,
  • Full control of private repositories,
  • Access user email addresses (read-only),
  • Update action workflow,
  • Possibility to connect your GitLab, GitHub, or Atlassian account with GitProtect.io via login and password, personal access token, or app password.

These permissions GitProtect.io can use only to safeguard critical DevOps data in the way intended by the user.

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