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What kind of privileges require from each Git hosting service provider? requests the minimal set of permissions to connect and run backups. It requires read-only permissions to the data limited to those resources that are intended to be protected by the software.

We will ask you to give us following permissions:

  • Read all user profile data,
  • Full control of private repositories,
  • Access user email addresses (read-only),
  • Update action workflows

The company's mission for over 10 years has been data protection of customers, therefore the application does not store this data, and the permissions are used only to connect with the organizations while performing a backup.

The can not use those permissions for any other action than only protecting the repositories and metadata in the way intended by the user.

Moreover, we added a possibility to connect your GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket account with using login and password, personal access token, or app password - depending on your git hosting provider. This allows you to have more control over the permissions you share. Please note that in some cases it might limit the capabilities of our software.