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HERO Workout meets its security requirements with backups for GitHub

HERO Workout

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Behind each application, there are thousands of lines of code and the work of dozens (or hundreds) of developers. For the creators of these projects, code is intellectual property and the organization's most valuable asset that can not be lost. The simplest and, at the same time, the most effective form of protection is the backup of repositories and metadata. In this case study, we will check why technology companies and software providers use GitHub backup and how meets their expectations in the context of security, compliance, and governance.

In security, just like in sports - everything starts with the first step

Is it possible to imagine our life without sport? Every day exercising improves our overall physical strength, improves our mood, and reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. Moreover, it empowers us with better work performance and sharpens our minds. However, it’s not always easy to organize oneself for regularly scheduled pieces of training.

This success story edition sheds light on HERO Workout, an innovative company aimed at helping people organize their everyday exercises and the company’s way to effectively secure its critical data with backups for GitHub.

How does HERO Workout help people achieve their training goals?

HERO Workout is a German-based business that covers all aspects of organizing effective regular exercises within its customers’ needs and expectations. By providing the finest information about fitness and training tutorials from the top personal fitness instructors and athletes worldwide, HERO Workout helps its customers improve their health, body, and humor on their way to perfection.

The company’s service covers all its customers’ demands - regular exercises, the right motivation, and a personal trainer in a pocket everywhere and anytime with its HERO app, and personalized feedback in real-time on its customers’ process of exercising with the HERO band’s 3D tracking.

Architecture of HERO Workout technology

To make sure that its app is in fine fettle, HERO Workout’s team works collaboratively on building and maintaining its software products. As the backbone of its CI/CD pipeline, the company chose GitHub for building its DevOps environment.

However, with the growing number of projects, rapid changes within them, and understanding that software is the core of its business, HERO Workout realized that it would be too risky for the company to work without backups. Thus, the journey to backup started...

How does solve HERO Workout requirements?

Although proper analysis of various backup options took some time, HERO Workout’s team finally stopped its choice on backups for GitHub. The backup software seemed to be a standalone data protection solution that offers both easy-to-use backup management, and security measures that foresee any disaster scenario, and any storage compatibility.

It [] was the best solution for us overall - high security, storage in the EU, and easy to use.
Thorsten Kruse,CTO at HERO Workout
Simple management - great results

By implementing, the HERO Workout IT team managed to automate its backup processes. Using the backup software’s management console, they can easily set up backup policies, assign roles, control backup procedures, and, if there is a need, perform a fast restore of the company’s critical data. This made the backup solution a “really easy-to-use wizard for creating backups,” says Thorsten Kruse. “ offers us everything we need with a simple configuration - that’s what I love,” he continues.

Fast-growing environment - secure backups

HERO Workout’s IT team’s biggest challenge was to protect its ever-growing number of projects and the rapid changes within those projects. They needed a backup solution that would help them automate not only backups but also would automatically add new repositories to already-created backup plans.

Thus, by implementing, HERO Workout’s team can have peace of mind that all their critical data is safe, even the newest one. automatically adds new repositories to already existing plans, ensuring that every piece of information is backed up in a secure environment.

Storage compatibility - keep data where you want

As HERO Workout is operated in the European Union region, it was important for the company to keep its data there as well. could easily meet that requirement as the backup company’s storage is available all over the world, within regions in Europe, the United States of America, and Australia (the APAC region).

Moreover, is a multi-storage system which means that HERO Workout can anytime easily add any number of additional storage instances (both Cloud and local) to meet the 3-2-1 backup rule and Compliance requirements.

Secure backups - comprehensive measure for GitHub data accessibility

Data protection, its availability, and recoverability under any disaster circumstances are the main components of information security and safety. To ensure its intellectual property is shielded, HERO Workout was looking for a backup solution with a full package of security measures.

Ransomware protection, immutable storage, multiple storage systems, and replication between storage instances, AES encryption with the possibility to set up its own encryption key, limited access to storage credentials, point-in-time restore, and Disaster Recovery within any disaster scenario are all the features HERO Workout has got by implementing backups for GitHub into its CI/CD processes. helped us a lot and completely fulfilled our requirements. It’s good to be able to sleep at night knowing that our backups are safe.
Thorsten Kruse,CTO at HERO Workout

What’s more, it was important for HERO Workout to back up its data with secure backup software. Thus, they were searching for a solution that was compliant with international security standards. is ISO 27001, GDPR, and SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2, compliant which stands as a guarantee that the backup provider operates and treats its customers’ data within the most severe information security standards. “The numerous certifications of are really essential for us,” says Thorsten Kruse.

Final Thoughts

By adopting backups for GitHub, HERO Workout managed to meet all its critical security requirements and improve its data protection strategy. Now the company can have peace of mind that all its crucial GitHub data, even the newest one, is safe and sound under any circumstances. The company has a single platform that helps easily manage comprehensive backup and security features, guaranteeing the security of the company’s constantly growing GitHub data.

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