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LEAP Dev trusts GitProtect with the security of the code and choose Backup for Bitbucket

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Solution: GitProtect Backup
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LEAP Dev is a software development company that provides products in the legal technology industry in Australia, the UK, Canada and the USA. They are rated one of Australia’s Top 10 Most Innovative companies, and #1 provider of legal tech, hiring over 1000 in-house technologists. The company is delivering world-class legal practice management, accounting, payment processing and collaboration software for over 45 000 customers. Being a software development company, LEAP Dev understood that their Intellectual Property, which is stored in git, is the most valuable asset they got. They tried to manually back up their data by bulk export of all data ad-hoc and kept it as a point-in-time backup in one big chunk. Unfortunately, it didn't work as they wanted, and soon they realized that it was an amateur solution, which didn't really work outside of an emergency data dump. Thus, they started to look for a professional and reliable solution to protect their IP, which would not only perform a backup, but also manage and facilitate restoring those backups in case of any event of failure. Moreover, LEAP Dev needed a solution which would permit them to use their own AWS S3 storage.


Thinking about their own git and their customers wellbeing, LEAP Dev were looking for a complete, but, at the same time, simple solution which would give them assurance that their data will be backed up automatically. Moreover, the solution which offers, permits them to stay sure that every new repository they create is automatically added to the backup policy without interaction. Another decisive factor was the possibility of bringing their own cloud storage - AWS S3. So, in addition to this obvious possibility, they got an option to store or replicate copies to the free, unlimited cloud storage always provided by GitProtect. Nevertheless, they also requested to have the ability to run GitProtect in an on-premise model as a PLAN B if the cloud infrastructure goes down so that they can remain protected. This is how they made the Disaster Recovery plan for every possible scenario.

The GitProtect team was helpful and accommodating in helping us set up a Proof of concept, answering all of our questions, and helping to implement the solution successfully. They always made themselves available despite the awkward time zone difference here in Australia.
Leapdev STEPHEN DOBLE,DevOps Team Lead at LEAP Dev


LEAP Dev decided on GitProtect because no other products seemed to do the correct type of protection they were looking for. According to the company, this tool is specific in scope to backing up repositories and that is exactly what they needed. They had been shown a lot of the functions and features of GitProtect before purchase and from their demo and POC. The company appreciates the simplicity and usability of the solution which is packed with very advanced functionalities. Backup plans allow them to manage data very easily and monitoring features keep them updated on what is being backed up and where the issues might happen. And if so, any issues are resolved quickly by GitProtect’s support. The team is helpful and available in every state - during POC, configuration, setup, and maintenance, instantly reacting to issues and questions


With, LEAP Dev has received not only a reliable backup solution and constant technical assistance but also an easy and fast way to restore their data. The solution provides Disaster Recovery process for every possible scenario, enabling full, point-in-time, or granular recovery. The team is always accessible to quickly and easily resolve any issues.

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GitHub backup

GitHub backup

Automatically backup and restore GitHub repositories with metadata, including issues, pull requests, actions, wiki, and more.

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Bitbucket backup

Bitbucket backup

Automatically backup and restore Bitbucket repositories with metadata, including issues, pull requests, pipelines, hooks, and more.

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GitLab backup

GitLab backup

Automatically backup and restore GitLab repositories with metadata, including issues, merge requests, hooks, keys, wiki and more.

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Jira backup

Jira backup

Automatically backup and restore Jira data including Projects, Issues, Roles, Workflow, Users, Boards, Comments, Attachments, and more.

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