Case study: Software development helps Netguru protect the customers' Intellectual Property with manageable GitHub backup software


Solution: GitProtect Backup
for GitHub.

Infrastructure: GitHub,
>1600 repositories.


Netguru is one of the fastest-growing digital acceleration consultancies in the EU based in Poland with over 14 years on the market, 900+ experts on board, and 1K+ projects delivered. Netguru builds digital products that let people do things differently. The company has already managed to change the way people learn languages, listen to music, rent bikes and even do banking. However, in this flood of creativity, Netguru always puts customers’ safety as its first priority. With this value in mind multiplied by the lack of a native data backup kept in platforms such as GitHub, Netguru decided to change its way to protect GitHub repositories and metadata to ensure that it has redundancy in place for itself and its customers’ intellectual property if GitHub is suddenly down. Previously, Netguru built custom scripts and backed up its data to Google drive or S3 buckets, but the company didn’t have a possibility to back up their metadata. Moreover, it was both time-consuming, unreliable, and inefficient, which, in its turn, didn’t meet the organization’s legal requirements.


To figure it out, Netguru started to search for a complete, cloud-based solution that could securely back up not only repositories but also all the related metadata. The company paid particular attention to the possibilities of redundancy and central management. turned out to be a turnkey solution requiring a minimal amount of resources to operate and monitor backups. Additionally, performing audits and backup tests is a breeze now. On top of that, admins get daily reports of backup completion. Moreover, GitHub backup solution has permitted them to meet their compliance and security requirements and, at the same time, protect the source code and intellectual property of their customers. Netguru's clients can be sure that their projects are not only in creative but also responsible hands.

GitProtect is a great solution for any cloud company utilizing GitHub and taking care about their data.
Netguru logo DAWID BRYGIER,IT & Security Manager

Why attracted Netguru’s attention due to the uniqueness of the backup solution they provide. The organization liked the features and possibilities the solution guarantees, among which there was the ease of setup and use, the ability to build custom backup policies, a smart monitoring center, and the opportunity to make incremental backups, which helps not to overload the storage.

Summary, being a fully automated and managed solution, permitted Netguru to protect all their GitHub repositories and metadata, which consequently led to their full compliance with the legal requirements. Easy setup configuration, simplicity to use and monitoring opportunities were a great bonus that Netguru got with’s backup and Disaster Recovery solution for GitHub.

Choose platform to protect

GitHub backup

GitHub backup

Automatically backup and restore GitHub repositories with metadata, including issues, pull requests, actions, wiki, and more.

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Bitbucket backup

Bitbucket backup

Automatically backup and restore Bitbucket repositories with metadata, including issues, pull requests, pipelines, hooks, and more.

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GitLab backup

GitLab backup

Automatically backup and restore GitLab repositories with metadata, including issues, merge requests, hooks, keys, wiki and more.

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Jira backup

Jira backup

Automatically backup and restore Jira data including Projects, Issues, Roles, Workflow, Users, Boards, Comments, Attachments, and more.

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