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Can I protect several DevOps tools and/or organizations?

I use different DevOps tools (GitHub and Jira, etc.) and have several organizations – can I protect all code, metadata, organization, and tools with GitProtect?

GitProtect.io is a comprehensive backup and DR solution that allows organizations to protect any combination of your GitHub, GitLab, and Atlassian products within one central management console. There is no difference if you have SaaS or self-managed GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, or Jira, with GitProtect.io you can protect your entire DevOps ecosystem in one place.

Moreover, the software provider has no limit to the number of organizations you need to connect to it (the number of repositories assigned to your license is the only limitation).

Check how successfully GitProtect.io helps Turntide protect their GitLab repositories and metadata, and Jira Cloud with automated backups: Turntide Technologies uses GitProtect.io to back up and recover all Jira and GitLab data.