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Why backup GitHub / Bitbucket or GitLab repositories and metadata?

Why backup GitHub / Bitbucket or GitLab repositories and metadata?

Source code as intellectual property is the most valuable asset inside most technology-related companies. There are many reasons to keep it safe. What are the most common scenarios for data loss and business downtime?

Moreover, GitHub, GitLab, and Atlassian rely on shared responsibility models whereby they are responsible for the entire system’s accessibility, security, and availability, and you as a user are responsible for data protection. Moreover, they even recommend having reliable third-party backup software in place.

You might also need Git backup for compliance. If you are considering ISO27K or SOC2 audit, make sure you have GitHub / Bitbucket / GitLab backup and Disaster Recovery software.

Discovering security issues, corrupted or lost data, and bugs late in the pipeline requires more time and effort to remediate them. “Shifting left” and switching to the DevSecOps approach - with a backup set at every critical stage of the software development process - is especially useful for organizations strongly focused on minimizing the impact of unforeseen issues.

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