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Service infrastructure downtime - available DR scenarios

DR support. GitHub/Atlassian/GitLab service is down or GitProtect infrastructure is down - what can I do?

GitProtect.io has developed its Disaster Recovery Technology to respond to every possible data loss scenario. Thus, depending on the situation, you can restore your GitHub, Atlassian, or Gitlab data using one of the recovery features:

  • Point-in-time restore,
  • Granular recovery of repositories and only selected metadata,
  • Granular Jira restore,
  • Disaster recovery for Jira/GitHub/Bitbucket/GitLab - we are the only vendor on the market providing you with such solution. Restoring your organization from single copies is time-consuming and… problematic. With GitProtect, you can restore your organization at once with barely a few clicks.
  • Cross-over recovery to another platform or organization, for example, from GitHub to GitLab, and vice versa,
  • Easy data migration between platforms,
  • Restore to the same location or a new one, like a different organization account,
  • Restore to your local device.

Thus, in the case of a GitHub, Atlassian, or GitLab outage, you can instantly restore your entire DevOps environment from the last copy or a chosen point in time to your local machine as a local instance. What’s more, you can use cross-over recovery and restore your DevOps data between platforms or organizations to guarantee continuous workflow.

As GitProtect.io is a highly secure backup provider, we are ready for every potential outage scenario, even if our infrastructure is down. Customers appreciate that GitProtect provides them with true end-to-end protection. In this case, we will share with you the installer of your on-premise application to grant your DevOps infrastructure uninterrupted workflow. \ With this installer, all you need to do is to log in and assign the storage where your backup copies are kept. having access to all your backed-up data, you can use any of the restore options mentioned here.