How can GitProtect help to meet security/data protection requirements?

I am doing SOC/ISO certification. How can GitProtect help to meet security/data protection requirements?

To be able to meet strict security requirements to pass SOC/ISO certification, GitProtect works within the mentioned standards. We provide your organization with

  • SAML integration,
  • automatic daily backups and backup-on-demand,
  • long-term retention,
  • true backup replication, so you can store copies in multiple locations and easily meet the 3-2-1 backup rule,
  • detailed reporting: daily plan reports, monthly SLA reports, data-driven main system dashboard with SLA, Compliance, and statuses overview,
  • instant recovery within any available DR scenarios - when GitHub, GitLab, or Atlassian experiences an outage, or your DevOps infrastructure is down,
  • AES encryption, with your own encryption key
  • advanced audit logs,
  • and test restore (coming soon)

All of that are requirements of SOC/ISO Audits that helps to solve.

Moreover, you can reduce your duties within the Shared Responsibility Model, as the backup provider will take care of the security of your data for you. has already complied with SOC 2 Type I, SOC 2 Type II, and ISO 27001 Audits, so we know how to guarantee your DevOps data protection, business continuity, and uninterrupted workflow.

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