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In the ever-evolving realm of collaborative teamwork, where seamless communication and project synchronization are paramount, Jira software is a crucial tool for project management and issue tracking. Within this bustling ecosystem, the challenge of secure password sharing and sharing projects/issues with external users comes to the forefront. Sharing passwords and issues is a common practice among team members, but without due care, it can expose teams to various risks, including unauthorized access, data breaches, and potential compliance and legal issues.

This article aims to guide teams utilizing Jira software on security and password/issue sharing. We will delve into best practices, tools, and strategies to uphold password integrity and data security. By the conclusion of this guide, you will possess the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively employ the Vault Password Manager & Share Jira app and establish secure password-sharing practices, all while enhancing your team’s collaboration without compromising security.

Common Risks Associated with Issue and Password Sharing

Sharing passwords & Jira issues is a common practice in team environments, but it is not without its inherent risks. Understanding these risks is the first step in mitigating them effectively. Here are the common risks associated with issue and password sharing:

Unauthorized Access

When team members share issues and passwords without proper safeguards, it becomes easier for unauthorized individuals to gain access to sensitive systems or data. This can lead to data breaches, data manipulation, or unauthorized actions within the system.

Data Breaches

Password sharing can increase the risk of data breaches. If one team member’s account is compromised, it can potentially expose all shared accounts and the data they protect. This can have serious consequences, including financial losses, reputational damage, and legal liabilities.

Impact of Sharing Insecure Jira Issues and Passwords on Team Productivity

Sharing issues and passwords to external users is not only a security concern but can also have a direct impact on team productivity. When passwords are shared without proper security measures, the following productivity issues can arise:

  1. Loss of trust and collaboration

Insecure password sharing can erode trust within the team. Team members may be reluctant to share critical Jira tickets, fearing potential security risks. This can hinder collaboration and open communication, which are essential for successful teamwork.

  1. Overhead for IT and support teams

Insecure password sharing can lead to an increase in support requests to IT teams. These requests may involve password resets, security incident investigations, and other related tasks, diverting IT resources from more strategic activities.

  1. Downtime due to security breaches

If a security breach occurs as a result of insecure password sharing, it can lead to downtime as the team scrambles to address the issue, investigate the breach, and recover from any damage caused. This downtime can disrupt ongoing projects and delay progress.

Understanding the impact of insecure issue and password sharing on team productivity emphasizes the need for secure practices. In the following sections, we will explore the best tools, and strategies to mitigate these risks and maintain a productive team environment.

Sharing Jira Issues with External Users with the Share Jira App

The Share Jira with External User app is an exclusive solution allowing you to share your issues with external users which is password protected. This app seamlessly integrated into your Jira issue like an infinity stone in the gauntlet. 

In this section we will provide you an overview of the app’s features and benefits it offers. 

  1. Setting Passwords – Securely Share your link by protecting it with your password or generate a random one for better security.
  2. Set validity – Set the validity of a shareable access link, after which your end-users won’t be able to access the shared Jira issue
  3. Auto Delete Expired Links – Need not worry about the pile of expired links. Those will be deleted automatically after 7 days of expiry.
share project link 1
  1. Deactivate a Shared Link – Deactivate any shared link with a single click at any time and the link will be as powerless as Tony Stark without an Arc reactor!
  2. Permissions – Set permissions for end-users to View/Add Comments/Attachments in the shared issues
Share Jira with External Users benefits

Share Jira with External Users benefits

Effective collaboration 

Share Jira with External Users app allows you to share your Jira issues with anyone even with external users. This app solves one of the biggest challenges for organizations using Jira, that is, sharing Jira issues with your partners/shareholders who do not have a Jira account, driving effective collaboration.

License Cost Saving

With the help of Sharing Jira with external users, you remove the hassle of requiring users to have their Jira accounts to access Jira issues and thus can save licensing costs

Enhanced Security

Protect your Jira issues and project at its zenith. Ensure top-notch security by allowing you to password-protect external shareable issue links and set expiration dates. 

Now Let’s have a look at how you can also secure sharing passwords in Jira.

Sharing Passwords in Jira with Vault Password Manager App

The Vault Password Manager app from Alpha Serve is an exclusive solution designed to enhance password management and security within Jira, making it the ideal choice for teams using this platform. The app seamlessly integrates into Jira, eliminating security threats and upholding Atlassian’s trust and security model. In this section, we will provide an overview of the app’s features and the benefits it offers for secure password sharing within Jira.

Vault Password Manager Features

  1. Variety of Credentials – Enjoy the flexibility of managing various types of records within Jira, from logins and passwords to secure notes, software licenses, credit cards, API credentials, and more.
  1. Personal and Shared Vaults – Seamlessly create both personal and shared vaults, ensuring access management tailored to your team’s needs. When team members depart, access is automatically revoked, safeguarding your data.
  1. AES-256 Bit Encryption – Your data is fortified by the AES-256 bit encryption algorithm, an industry standard, ensuring the highest level of protection for your sensitive information.
vault password manager 1
  1. Additional Security – Bolster your Jira account security with a personal Vault account password, fortifying your defenses beyond the standard Jira login.
  1. Password Recovery – Easily regain access if you forget your Vault account password and Recovery Key by requesting Jira admin to initiate the password recovery process. 
  2. Password Generator – Simplify the process of creating strong, randomized passwords with the built-in password generator, allowing you to copy and paste credentials conveniently.
  1. Auto-Logout – Enhance security with an automatic logout feature that monitors idle sessions and proactively logs users out after a period of inactivity.

Vault Password Manager Benefits

  1. Organized Credentials – Vault Password Manager provides a secure and organized space for managing a wide array of credentials, from accounts to payment cards and beyond, all accessible within Jira.
  1. Secure Password Sharing – Streamline and secure the sharing of passwords with Jira users and groups, eliminating the risks associated with insecure methods like email or messaging.
  1. Secure Password Storage – Ensure the utmost security for your passwords, with encrypted storage and an additional security layer that significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access.
vault password manager 2

For a more detailed understanding of Vault Password Manager’s robust security measures, we invite you to review the Technical Whitepaper authored by Alpha Serve, the developer of Vault Password Manager. 

Final Words

Securely sharing your password and your Jira issues is essential for modern collaborative work. The Vault Password Manager app along with the Secure share for Jira app enhances security and teamwork. By implementing best practices and utilizing the app’s features, your team can work confidently, knowing data is protected. With improved password security, Jira becomes a hub of productivity,  peace of mind and your Jira project is kept secure at its zenith.

Thank you for exploring this guide, and we wish you and your team a future marked by productive collaboration and strong password practices in Jira.

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