Do you use GitHub Projects? If so, you probably know that recently GitHub released a new version of Projects. And now, you can back them up with to ensure uninterrupted planning and tracking work on GitHub.

We support projects both directly assigned to the user and to the organization so you can instantly secure and restore issues and pull requests (except issues drafts) – both in new and regular versions of GitHub Projects.

NOTE! Action required!
Together with support for a new type of GitHub Projects, the scope of required permissions for GitProtect OAuth and the previously generated Personal Access Token has also changed. All GitHub backup jobs require reauthorization of the application and/or generation of a new Personal Access Token.

For proper operation, it is necessary to re-authorize the GitProtect application, which will allow the application to grant the necessary permissions: project (full control of projects).

If you use Personal Access Token – authorize in your GitHub account
If you use OAuth authentication – authorize in GitProtect account

We also recommend checking our Knowledge Base to find out more about how to prepare an additional account and Personal Access Token in GitHub and required permissions for GitHub users and token.

GitProtect, therefore, supports both versions of GitHub projects – new and regular.

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