GitProtect helps Noteable protect repos and metadata and meet SOC 2 requirements


Noteable is a young company, which was founded in 2020. They are proud to be an example of a remote-company that works from different parts of the USA. Their aim is to help enterprises in modern collaboration and cooperation. With their data platform they encourage teams to work together by using and visualizing data in new ways. As a company that works with information, they understood from the early beginning how important it is to protect their repositories along with all metadata. This was also a requirement for their SOC 2 certification. They started searching for a solution compatible with their S3 buckets as they are essential to the company disaster recovery plan. Despite the ability to backup data, they needed to find a solution that could permit them to make custom backup plans for each of their repositories with flexible retention and, consequently, customized recovery at an affordable price.


Understanding the necessity to back up all the company’s repositories and metadata to S3 bucket, Noteable has chosen GitProtect Cloud Enterprise to help them to meet SOC 2 requirements and complete their Disaster Recovery plan. Thus, the solution has become an essential part of the company’s backup policy. They found it convenient to specify the configurations while creating backup plans for a particular repository and the ability to customize the recovery process. Another advantage was a management console which allows them to assign licenses to specific repositories they need to protect.


“GitProtect gives us the ability to customize our backup plans and secure our GitHub repositories in a reliable, quick and affordable way.“

Ana Rodriguez Senior Devops Engineer at Noteable


There were a few reasons to choose GitProtect over existing competition. The product not only met the company's expectations (compatibility with S3, replication, concurrency, and compliance with SOC 2 requirements) but also exceeded them, providing additional features and possibilities. Definitely one of the most important factors was easy integration and configuration. At each stage of product implementation and testing, the company could count on instant technical support and assistance. The great advantage of GitProtect was also the possibility to create custom backup plans and a flexible retention policy - infinite, defined by time or a number of copies, as well as advanced rotation schemes (GFS). In addition, the company has the ability to centrally manage the backup policy, flexibly assign licenses, and easy monitoring (including Slack notifications!). All of that makes the product reliable, convenient, and easy to use. The company itself admits that the solution is characterized by an excellent price-quality ratio making it an affordable solution for every security-oriented business.

Disaster Recovery ready

By choosing GitProtect, Noteable gained software adapted to their current technologies that will help them meet the SOC 2 certification regulations and ensure resistance to all types of failures. GitProtect provides Disaster Recovery process for every possible scenario making the company repositories and metadata accessible and recoverable.


GitProtect Backup for GitHub.

Field of expertise:

Secure Productivity for Enterprises.

Infrastructure to protect:

2 organizations,
34 users,
120 repositories.

Key benefits

Ability to bring own cloud storage compatible with S3,
Ability to automatically backup metadata,
Custom backup plans,
Customized recovery,
Affordable pricing.