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In this post, we will discuss failure scenarios that may adversely affect the company’s operations. Why say “we are using Git, so we have a backup” is as confusing as saying “RAID-1 keeps us safe”.

Several times during my professional path I have come across the statement that Git is a form of backup and I understand the thinking behind such words. I imagine that I am working on the application code for the main client in a company and I managed to improve it and speed up its operation by 40%. In short, I made a revolutionary change in the app of removing the duplicate loop (Who of us wasn’t there), and with a smile on my face, thinking about the future raise, I go to sleep. I need to get up in 3 hours!

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In the morning full of larks, I open my laptop and, to my surprise, a blue screen of death appears. Considering that every programmer is also a master of everything in IT, I start my laptop and after a few moments of diagnostics, I already know that the HDD has decided not to cooperate with me anymore. This is where a thought strikes, as heavy as Bitcoin’s recent value. I didn’t commit to a git, and the disk recovery applications I know show me nothingness in all its glory. At this point, there is only professional data recovery from the damaged medium, i.e. the cost of several dozen thousand. Of course, there is always the possibility of rewriting the code or the total resignation. Maybe, in this case, telling myself that I slept all night and the rest is just a dream is the best solution.

Now consider scenario number two. We wrote a serious amount of code which we committed to servers in our company and we did that with a smile on our faces as we contemplated a future pay rise. We have been considering putting the new system on a laptop for months, so taking advantage of the euphoric mood, we proceed to action. After all, we have our code on the company’s repo, so we’re safe. In the morning, after waking up, we learn that a fire broke out in the data centre. We go to the repo, enter git log –online and we already know that with the fire we said goodbye to our commit. Do you think that such situations do not take place? The OVH server room burned down a few months ago…

Troubles with or without fire – GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket down

Of course, we can always say that such threats do not concern us, because we use services such as GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket, so our repositories are located in the cloud that everyone likes today. Well, only that the cloud is “someone’s computer”. Do you remember the mentioned OVH server room? The last major down of GitHub according to took place in November last year and in 2020 alone, GitHub had over 10 major downs.

GitHub major downs - November 2020 – because git backup really matters

I can assure you that the described scenarios happen very often and it’s time to present a solution that will allow us all to sleep well! Xopero is on the last straight to introduction to the market of a revolutionary tool. is characterized by a fast, secure, and most importantly, reliable git backup that can be set up according to the “set it and forget it” principle. We get a ready product that will allow us to have faith bordering on certainty that our projects are safe and we are not threatened by accidental situations.

How secure are your repos and metadata? Don’t push luck – secure your code with the first professional GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab backup.

Whenever in the last few hours, the most searched phrases in Google are GitHub or Bitbucket is down, we will be able with a smile on our faces to focus on the work, not on frantically following what the situation is. We will also be able to leave questions like why we didn’t think about securing our repositories before for other companies. Thanks to Xopero, we can assure ourselves, our team, and, most importantly, our clients, that we’re prepared for any scenario and can continue to work on their projects.

We know perfectly well that time is money and when even the already mentioned in this post companies like Google removes “don’t be evil” from its policy, it means that it doesn’t matter if you have a team of 5 programmers and 2 clients or if you’re an international corporation, you must be prepared for any scenarios!

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