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Things get even more serious when it comes to intellectual property and source code. Nowadays, businesses of all types are defined by their software, thus protecting source code becomes equivalent to protecting the business itself. To paraphrase a popular saying in the industry, at we say that there are two types of people: those who do git backups and those who will (once they experience serious human mistake, data breach or cyber-attack). 

Market potential – Blue Ocean

GitHub states to have over 56 million developers registered and 60 million repositories created last year. GitLab estimates its users for more than 30 million while Atlassian’s Bitbucket reached 10 million professional teams’ users in 2019. 

The source code backup market is still crawling – the first backup solutions started to appear as a result of internal development teams’ needs. And this is actually how was funded, however, unlike the others, Xopero Software has over 12 years of experience on the backup market. Thus we were able to provide with even the most advanced, reliable and secure features making it the most professional and fully manageable Bitbucket backup and GitHub backup software on the market. – better test now, than cry later…

Source code, even if hosted within such reliable companies like GitHub, GitLab, or Atlassian, might get lost or unavailable. In June 2020 GitHub experienced a major outage that lasted for hours and impacted millions of developers. In 2017 happened the biggest outages of service. The incident made it unavailable for many hours. They also lost some production data that they were unable to recover.

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Also, ransomware does not bypass those companies. In 2019 tech media reported that attackers were targeting GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab, and accounts, wiping code and commits from multiple repositories and leaving behind only a ransom note. 

Finally, we have to mention the greatest cybersecurity threat – human error. Head overwrite, branch or old repository deletion, losing or not having a local copy – that’s only some of the developers’ mistakes that can put your source code in danger or wipe it out irreversibly. is a must… then is a must-have for any responsible and software-oriented organization. We ensure you with both repository and metadata backup (local and cloud), unlimited retention and repository archive possibilities, a data-driven central management console, and disaster recovery features so you are sure your git data is accessible and recoverable from any point in time. 

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