Ransomware protection

Immutable S3 Storage

What you will learn from this article?

  • What is a ransomware-proof backup solution?
  • How immutable storage can enhance DevOps data security?

Building a seamless ransomware-proof workflow is one of the main intentions that organizations have nowadays. And that’s not surprising… cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated in their attacks. On average every 11 seconds ransomware hits its victim. Thus that thought paying bad actors would solve the problem - 92% of those who paid ransom never get their data back. Add to this the financial losses that the company suffers due to data loss and consequent downtime - about $1.85M on average. All of that makes ransomware one of the most menacing cybersecurity threats that any organization can face.

To help you avoid such disastrous consequences, GitProtect.io has developed an array of features that can help your company easily overcome the effects should the event of a ransomware attack takes place. AES encryption with your private encryption key, WORM-compliant storage, replication between multiple storages, long-term retention, and limited access to storage credentials are among the features that make GitProtect.io a comprehensive final line of defense - it helps you fortify your security and mitigate the risk of falling a victim to a ransomware attack - as you always have your backup.

Immutable S3 storage - how it enhances your security

Once you set up your backup plan, you get GitProtect Cloud Storage for free. It means you receive an effective defense mechanism which ensures that even if an attacker gains access to your data, he won’t be able to alter or delete your sensitive DevOps information. In this case, if one of your files is affected, the ransomware can’t spread in the storage or infect the entire data.

GitProtect Cloud Storage is ransomware-proof but as our application has multi-storage system capabilities, you can add as much storage as your organization needs. All your other object storages (compliant with the S3 protocol) with the Object Lock function enabled will offer similar ransomware protection.

Moreover, all your files are kept separately in the storage and, within the WORM policy, your data is written once, but can be read many times. So, you get a guarantee that all your data remains unaltered in its original state even during long-term retention (in case you keep your data for compliance purposes).

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