Data protection

Private And Public Repositories

What you will learn from this article?

  • What does GitProtect backup cover?
  • What are available repository backup options?
  • How to stronghold your repository data protection

Being a maintenance-free turnkey backup and disaster recovery solution for the DevOps ecosystem, permits to backing up of both private and public GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab repositories with all related metadata they contain.

Keeping in mind customers’ needs - protection of critical data, and compliance with strict security or legal standards, - allows you to choose the best approach to backup data in tune with your organization's demands. You can go with’s recommended backup approach and back up all the repos your ecosystem has, or hand-pick only those repositories that are critical for your organization at the moment. We also provide you with the option to select repositories to back up using rules. You can always make adjustments later - for example, select additional repositories or add more rules.

A customizable backup scheduler, private AES encryption key, unlimited retention, and replication between storage destinations are just some of the features you can set up while creating your backup plan. What’s more, ransomware protection, restore & disaster recovery default features can help you build a stronghold for your vital GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab (and Jira) data with ease.

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