Data protection

Bitbucket Ecosystem

What you will learn from this article?

  • Which Bitbucket data can be backed up
  • Which Bitbucket services are supported
  • Atlassian Shared Responsibility Model and backup

The ultimate Bitbucket Protection

There may be different reasons why your organization needs backup that includes repositories and all related metadata. To just name a few: compliance with security standards like SOC 2 and ISO 27001, the Shared Responsibility Model which Atlassian follows, or any other legal regulations.

To ensure that you can access and recover your data with ease at any time your backup should include not only repositories but also metadata. It contains critical and vital information for your development process - without covering them too you will not be able to protect your Bitbucket ecosystem at full capacity.

Take a look at the metadata covers in Bitbucket and Bitbucket DC:

Atlassian Cloud Shared Responsibility Model

Under this model, Atlassian is responsible for the system, hosting, and application focusing on their own business and integrity, and the user has to think about how to protect his data because account-level protection and recovery are not included in the provider’s responsibilities and competence. Service providers usually state directly that users need to use a third-party backup solution - GitProtect helps you fulfill this part of your responsibility with ease.

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