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SAML Integration

What you will learn from this article?

  • Why you may need SAML integration with
  • What benefits SAML integration into GitProtect brings
  • Which external IdPs can be integrated with

Isn’t it easier to access your data with a click, knowing that your authentication and authorization are safe? That’s what SAML does… It provides a secure way to pass user authentication and authorization credentials between the identity provider and service provider without having to log in separately to your third-party tools. Moreover, SAML facilitates SSO functionality, enables centralized user management (permitting you to manage user access to your organization from a single identity provider), reduces the need for your team members to remember and manage evergrowing passwords, and assists organizations in meeting compliance and regulatory requirements related to data security and user authentication.

With that in mind, to optimize the DevOps authentication experience, enables integration with external IdPs that use the SAML 2.0 protocol, including Azure AD, Okta, Auth0, CyberArk, and Google. In this case, to make the process of authentication even more secure, you should initiate the SAML login procedure from the side, as you won’t be able to start the login process from the IdP page.

Once you successfully integrate the SAML login process into, you can simply enable selected users to log in via SAML if their accounts have been previously created, or you can create new accounts. Thus, all your authentication processes within will be secure and safe. Together with full-stack backup and Disaster Recovery software, it will compound a solid security ground to meet your organization’s needs and compliance requirements.

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