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In-flight And At Rest Encryption

What you will learn from this article?

  • The understanding of in-flight encryption
  • The understanding of at-rest encryption
  • How implements in-flight and at-rest encryption during the backup process

It’s not a secret that bad actors can easily expose your data both in flight and at rest. That’s why, there are multiple approaches to ensure data protection during those states of your data. However, encryption takes the central place here.

Being one of the main requirements for security and compliance regulations, AES encryption algorithms remain one of the most effective ways to secure your data against malicious activity. However, you should ensure that your data is already encrypted in-flight - before it leaves your machine, - during the transmission process, and finally at rest, when your data gets to your backup destination, whether it’s cloud or self-hosted storage. In this case, if a hacker hits your repository or catches your data in transit, he won’t be able to access the data as it is presented in an unreadable form.

To boost your security, allows you to apply any of three different levels of encryption:

Moreover, permits you to set up your custom encryption key, which enhances the security of your data in-flight and at rest, as you are the only person who knows the encryption key.

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