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SSL Transfer Encryption

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  • What is SSL transfer encryption?
  • Benefits of SSL transfer encryption.
  • How to use SSL transfer encryption protocol with

Each line of code has critical meaning for an enterprise. Even if one character is missing in the source code, it can lead to dreadful consequences. Hence, an organization needs to ensure that its data is safe at any stage of the DevOps processes.

For that reason, you can use different security frameworks and comprehensive methods, including following security best practices, backup, in-flight, and at-rest encryption, or using SSL transfer encryption. This protocol is designed to ensure safe and secure communication channels between your web browser and the server where you want to store your critical data. As a result, you can get a secure shield against potential threats and unauthorized access while transmitting your data.

This encryption method boosts data confidentiality, integrity assurance, user trust, and credibility, as it helps to guarantee the security of your digital transactions. Thus, for those who opt for on-premise installation, permits to use their own SSL certificate.

To make the process of setting up your personal SSL certificate simple and fast, the backup solution contains a dedicated JSON file in its Management Service installation directory. So, once you set up your management service, you can switch agent communication to HTTPS in a few clicks. As simple as it sounds.

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