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  • What backup schemes are available within
  • Basic, GFS, Forever Incremental, and Custom backup schemes - an overview.

Which Backup Scheme Better Meets Your Requirements

When you hear about a backup scheduler, the first thing that comes to mind is the automation of the backup process. However, automation isn’t the only value a backup scheduler brings. At the same time, timely backups ensure consistency, as you have regular backups of your DevOps environment that eliminate human error or oversight in manually initiating backups; compliance and governance, as the backup scheduler help your organization to adhere to your industry’s regulatory and security requirements regarding data backups and retention.

To guarantee your DevOps data protection and fast Disaster Recovery, has four backup schedulers - everything to meet your organization’s needs and requirements.

Basic - the simplest way to enhance your DevOps data security

Basic is the simplest type of scheduler. In our app, this backup schedule is based on the FIFO model (First-in-First-out). It means that you have incremental copies between the full ones. Thus, it has two backup cycles: a full copy (made every month by default) and an incremental one, which you can set on a daily basis at the most appropriate time for your organization. For example, you can set out-of-work hours to reduce throttling.

This scheme has a lot of benefits, such as easy implementation or the possibility to store backup copies for a long time. Still, you should keep in mind that for a longer retention period, you will need more storage space.

GFS - the way to bring effectiveness to the backup process

What’s special in the Grandfather-Father-Son rotation scheme? It allows you to store your backup data over an extended period of time still keeping a small number of versions. It can help you recover your data fast should a disaster hit.

Unlike the Basic rotation scheme, GFS one reckons for three cycles:

Forever Incremental - the way to optimize your storage space

Reduced backup time, faster restore with granular options, improved backup window flexibility, efficient bandwidth utilization, and what’s more, optimization of your storage space - all those advantages you get when you set Forever Incremental settings within

With Forever Incremental turned on all the backup copies you have are incremental ones, meaning that each subsequent copy contains only the modified part from the previous copy you had. The backup agent does the full copy only once when you create your first Forever Incremental backup plan.

Custom backup scheme - the most flexible type of schedule

If you don’t want to opt for any of the pre-defined backup plans, you can set your own backup rule. This will allow you to meet strict company requirements, for example, if your niche has very challenging RTO and RPO.

Within this backup scheme, you have two cycles:

So, this backup scheduler gives you full flexibility and the possibility to adjust your backups to your legal, security, and organizational needs and requirements.

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