All Set, Protect - Simple First Run

What you will learn from this article?

  • How the first setup looks like
  • How sync feature works
  • How backup on-demand work

Simple and fast setup

Are you aware of the term “Plug&Play”? That’s exactly the GitProtect approach to DevOps data protection. By default, we provide you with the best security measures to choose from.

Full data coverage, an agile scheduler, unlimited customized retention, customer AES encryption key, and the simplest way to meet the 3-2-1 backup rule by assigning as many storage instances as your company policy requires. With GitProtect also comes unlimited Cloud Storage for free regardless of the type of license.

After finishing connecting your service - GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, or Jira organization - with GitProtect you can run a default backup plan with the best security measures in place or create your own fully customized backup plan. Or you can do both. GitProtect allows you to set up multiple backup policies - all according to your needs and requirements.

By default, backs up all the data your DevOps environment contains - and this is the recommended option.

Sync: automatic or on-demand

When you add any new repository to your GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab infrastructure, or project to Jira it will be automatically added to your backup plan, as has an automatic sync feature. You can also trigger the synchronization manually at any moment.

Backup on-demand

You can perform your backups on demand - there are no limitations here like the number of possible operations per day. This way you are able to trigger the next backup run when a such need arises. For example, if you added some critical data and want it to be backed up at the very moment.

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