Policy-based Advanced Backup Plans

What you will learn from this article?

  • Default plan vs. advanced backup plan
  • How to meet very specific security standards
  • What are available schedule options

GitProtect focuses on DevOps as a whole. It helps you protect not some specific platform but the entire DevOps ecosystem.

GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab and Jira Cloud, Jira Work Management, and Jira Service Management organizations – and an unlimited number of them.

Default plan vs. advanced backup plan is a powerful solution. Default plan and advanced backup plan (created manually by the user), both, provide you with a high level of data protection. The default plan meets recommended backup requirements, like protecting an entire organization with all data included, using as a backup destination our unlimited GitProtect / Xopero Cloud storage, running backup every day at a fixed time, and keeping a single copy for three months. And all these settings (and many more) are still fully customizable. This is a fast, yet still of the chart, way to secure your entire organization.

How do you meet very specific security standards?

The answer is, by creating your own backup plan that covers your organization’s security policies in 100 percent. And that’s the advantage of switching to an advanced backup plan brings. How does this tailored approach work on a daily base? While creating a backup plan you are able to define every single step according to the data protection policy or your organization’s other security requirements:

Backup scheduler

While protecting your DevOps ecosystem with GitProtect you have several types of rotation schemes to choose from:

Moreover, you may set to keep your backups by time, and by a number of copies. or infinitely to meet your business expectations.

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