Data protection

Jira Ecosystem

What you will learn from this article?

  • Which Jira data can be backed up
  • Which Jira services are supported
  • Atlassian Cloud Shared Responsibility Model and backup

The Ultimate Jira Protection

To build a really reliable backup and restore strategy you need to be sure that your backup software provides full Jira Software data coverage for all Jira Cloud, Jira Service Management, and Jira Work Management products.

What’s more, full data coverage may be the necessary requirement to meet strict security standards, like SOC 2 and ISO 27001, your company’s policies, and the Cloud Shared Responsibility Model that Atlassian follows (it assumes that Atlassian as a service provider is responsible for the continuity of the entire system, hosting, and application while a customer is responsible for its own data security).

Understanding all the importance of full Jira data protection, permits you to back up:

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