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What you will learn from this article?

  • Which GitHub data can be backed up
  • Which GitHub services are supported
  • GitHub’s Shared Responsibility Model and backup

The ultimate GitHub Protection

For sure your repositories contain essential data, but what about metadata? Projects, issues, pull requests, wikis, and others? All of them contain vital data that your organization may need at any time.

The importance of metadata protection can also be leveraged if you want your organization to meet compliance or security requirements, such as fulfilling SOC 2 or ISO 27001 standards, for example.

With backups for GitHub and GitHub Enterprise Server, you get a comprehensive solution that covers all the critical data:

GitHub like many other SaaS providers follows a Shared Responsibility Model according to which GitHub as a service provider is responsible for infrastructure-level security while data protection of the single account stays among the user’s duties. That’s why even GitHub itself recommends having third-party backup software in place.

You need to be aware that GitHub doesn’t include your metadata in versioning. It means that no local copies or backup scripts cover metadata, leaving your work unsecured. And using you can stay peace of mind that no single part of your critical data is lost.

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