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What you will learn from this article?

  • Which GitLab data can be backed up
  • Which GitLab services are supported
  • Shared Responsibility Model and backup

The Ultimate GitLab Protection

A true reliable backup should include not only GitLab repositories but also all the related metadata your GitLab Infrastructure has. It may be dictated by compliance or security requirements, like SOC 2 or ISO 27001 Audits.

Once you set up your GitLab backup with, you can be sure that all your critical data is under reliable protection and you can restore it anytime in the event of failure. So, backups for GitLab and GitLab Self managed services include:

Let’s look at some of the GitLab resources more precisely:

GitLab Issue Boards

Easily back up your GitLab Issue Boards with and stay assured that the issue, label, and progress data with all the metadata that comes with them is accessible, available, and recoverable in any event of a disaster.

GitLab Variables

Protect your GitLab Variables which are an essential part of controlling the behavior of jobs and pipelines. With, you can be sure that you will have constant access to the data that stores values.

GitLab Groups and Subgroups

Assure that you can easily access all the data you keep in your GitLab Groups and Subgroups. Even in any event of failure, know for sure who has access to your GitLab data, view all the issues and merge requests from the projects in the group, and analytics of group activity.

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