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Data Residency Of Choice

What you will learn from this article?

  • Where you can store your data using Storage.
  • What are the security frameworks of Data Center providers?

Every security-conscious business requires a full picture of the location where its data is stored and the way it’s managed.

Once you set up, you will be asked where you want to store your backups - in the EU (Amsterdam), the USA (Washington DC), or the APAC region (Australia). Regardless of the Data Center option you decide on, you can be sure that it follows security guidelines, including:

Our Data Centers are compliant with straightened security frameworks and keep up with such certifications as ISO 27001, EN 1047-2 standard, SOC 2 Type 2, EN 50600, SOC 3, FISMA, DCID, DOD, HIPAA, ISO 50001, PCI-DSS Level 1 and PCI DSS, LEED Gold Certificate, and SSAE 16.

To keep up with your corporate, security, or compliance requirements, you can install backups for your DevOps environment within any deployment model you need - SaaS or On-premise. If you choose the SaaS deployment strategy, you won’t need to allocate any additional devices as a local server. In this case, will take care of all maintenance for you and will guarantee smooth operation.

If you opt for the On-premise deployment, you will need to install the backup service on your local machine that will operate in your infrastructure - a preferable cloud service like AWS or Azure, etc., or a physical data center.

Regardless of the deployment model you choose, will provide you with the same set of functionalities to guarantee your business continuity.

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