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ISO 27001 Compliance

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  • What is ISO 27001 Compliance?
  • How does meet ISO 27001 Compliance standards?

Ask any business about security, and they will say that it is one of their top priorities. Each company tries hard to build its data protection and security strategy within the highest security standards. They install firewalls, or other security apps, use different encryption protocols, back up their critical data, and try to complete security standards, like ISO 27001. This standard focuses on and addresses such security categories as Integrity, Confidentiality, and Availability.

By having completed the ISO 27001 audit, ensures that it governs its business within the comprehensive security framework aimed at developing and maintaining a safe information security management system. Information security policy, HR security, risk assessment and treatment, access control, encryption, both physical and infrastructure security, risk monitoring and review, operations, and communications security are only some controls that operates within the ISO 27001 compliance. And all of that is for the simple mission - develop advanced technologies and increase our customers’ DevOps data protection.

Moreover, if your organization is going through the ISO 27001 Audit, you should know that reliable backup and Disaster Recovery software is a necessary aspect to prove that your service is available at any time and that your data is secured.

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