Data Restore and Disaster Recovery

Point-in-time Restore

What you will learn from this article?

  • What’s backup features guarantee point-in-time restore.

Dealing with critical data and applications, you may face different challenges: data corruption, accidental or intentional deletion, software bugs or errors, and other security incidents. That’s why, the possibility to restore your data from any point in time won’t limit your organization to the last copy. This means that you will maintain data accuracy, reduce downtime, meet compliance requirements, and will be able to recover from various types of incidents effectively and efficiently. has well-developed mechanisms that guarantee your data is recovered from any precise moment you need. Incremental backups, flexible versioning, and long-term retention - are all aimed at helping you easily roll back your data to the chosen point in time in case of a disaster.

If your organization requires the smallest period of time between backups, you can set’s Forever incremental backup scheduler, which means that only the first copy of your data is a full one, and all the consequent are incremental ones. It will help to meet your RTO and RPO, as it minimizes the data loss should a failure occur. All you need to do to recover your data from any point in time is to choose the file dated the moment you need it. That’s it - your business continuity is preserved.

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