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Monthly SLA report

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  • What is a Monthly SLA Report, its benefits, and practical usage?

Monthly SLA report

Additionally, a user is supplied with a monthly SLA report - when it is ready, the user receives an e-mail notification. Additionally, there is an option to download all previously generated reports directly from the application. The option is available in the SLA section on the main Dashboard. This way you can download the report to the local disk to track and evaluate reports for a much longer period of time. Furthermore, such reports are an essential part of internal reporting, compliance audits, and demonstration of data protection strategies that can withstand any disaster scenarios.

Having already successfully completed SOC 2 and ISO 27001 Audits, realizes how crucial SLA auditing is for businesses that have to meet specific data protection and retention requirements within their niche, as SLA auditing provides the necessary documentation to demonstrate backup operation compliance, enhances data security and business resilience.

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